What It Takes to Run a Successful Dental Marketing Campaign!

What It Takes to Run a Successful Dental Marketing Campaign!

What It Takes to Run a Successful Dental Marketing Campaign!

Published: 01/04/2022
Author: Shelley Glime

Marketing companies and dental practices typically have two very different measures of success.  Most dental marketing companies, or any marketing agency in general, with service oriented campaigns track the total number of leads (form fills/calls) and cost per lead. For clinicians, though, it doesn’t really matter how many people showed interest in your practice. It matters how many patients come through the door and move forward with treatment.

That’s why, at Progressive Dental Marketing, we look at the number of leads, cost per lead, number of cases closed (based on your practice’s lead management dashboard), and revenue generated from the treatment being marketed. We optimize our campaigns based on all of these variables to ensure that your practice gets the most qualified leads to boost the success of your practice. Because, ultimately, if you don’t make money, then we haven’t done our jobs.

So what exactly are the important factors of a dental marketing campaign?

First and foremost is search volume.

But what exactly does this mean? Search volume is the number of people searching for treatment related keywords in your area. If no one is searching for the treatment your practice is wanting to market, more than likely the campaign will not perform well. This is where your digital marketing team comes into play. We have tools that allow us to see the search volume of treatments in your area.

Second, if the procedure is a need or a want.

Is the patient able to live a “normal” life without the treatment they are searching for? For example, a patient with a misshapen tooth may take a while to finally convert into a patient even if it is a treatment that they have wanted for years. Since less conversions typically occur with want based campaigns, the cost per click in Google Ads is typically higher than need based.

Awareness is the third most important factor.

Is the everyday person actually aware of the treatment you are marketing? The patient may understand the symptoms they are experiencing but they may believe that they can treat their symptoms at home using over-the-counter options. The patient may not understand how important getting treatment is. Our Google Ads team has discovered this after sifting through numerous search terms reports (or what patients are actually typing into Google - as a side note all non-treatment related terms are added as negative key terms in your Google Ads account if this is one marketing funnel).

Last, what is the competition?

How many other practices are marketing the same treatment? Are they offering a special? Are you offering competitive pricing for the treatment? Your digital marketing team can help determine what your competition is offering.  Our team can determine what competitors in your area are marketing dental implants on Facebook and Google Ads utilizing various tools. A good call to action is also very important.  This should be based on what people are searching for. For example if people are searching for a price, “Get Pricing” is an extremely successful call to action.

No matter how many leads your practice receives from marketing, the most important part is how many leads your team closes. This is the reason why Progressive Dental Marketing created The Closing Institute to help teach your front staff and treatment coordinators to increase their treatment plan acceptance. Your dedicated account manager is also your guide to help your staff close more cases. Our entire team is an extension of your team that is closely monitoring your campaign to ensure your success.

So you're probably wondering what is the most successful campaign in dentistry? Dental Implants is the most successful campaign because it is a need based treatment with good search volume. For example the term “Dental Implants” has 165,000 average monthly searches. We incorporate variations of this keyword into all of your marketing campaigns. Dental implants are a need-based treatment because patients that have no teeth or have multiple missing teeth have a difficult time eating and maintaining a healthy diet. Dental implants are a well known very specific treatment; therefore, patients know that they need the treatment and are potentially easier to convert.

Although dental implants are a competitive campaign, there are many different ways that you can make yourself stand out.  Your practice may have super competitive pricing, custom dental implant options, utilize a computer guided system to place implants, etc. The best part about dental implant marketing is that it only takes a small handful of cases in order to get a good return.  Are you ready to boost your cases?

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Dental specialists interested in learning more about Progressive Dental Marketing's award-winning services and continuing education seminars are invited to contact the dental marketing company in Clearwater, FL. Progressive Dental Marketing can be reached by calling (727) 286-6211 or by visiting progressivedentalmarketing.com. Or feel free to explore our website and the several case studies we have!

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