Attract More Dental Implant Cases with PPC – Part 1

Attract More Dental Implant Cases with PPC – Part 1

Today, it is no longer good enough to simply attract patients. Practices that want to grow and succeed need to shift their focus from attracting everyone to attracting highly-qualified patients looking for specific treatments. These patients, most commonly referred to as “price-shoppers,” are who we target with our PPC marketing campaigns.

Why? Because these patients already know what procedure they need and have most likely received second opinions. They are ready to begin treatment and are looking for the best quality care, at the most affordable price that comes with the greatest benefits. And they will be searching for a practice that offers all of these things, and more.

With the right PPC campaign, this can be you.

What is PPC Marketing?

PPC (pay-per-click) marketing is a highly effective strategy that has helped many of our clients see an exponential increase in high-dollar patients, by using just a few, effective, sales-driven Google ads and a targeted landing page. So, what exactly is PPC?

Let’s imagine a scenario.

Jane is an older woman from Chicago who has a missing tooth. She has been researching options, and has recently received a second opinion. She has decided dental implants are the best solution for her needs. Jane goes to her computer and does a few things:

  1. She types “dental implants in Chicago, IL” or a similar phrase into a search engine and begins reading through the results that show up.
  2. She sees two types of results: organic and paid. Organic results are based on many factors, which you can learn about here. Paid results are PPC ads.
  3. The first listing is an ad from Dr. John Doe, a periodontist in Chicago specializing in dental implants, who will be charged a certain price if Jane clicks on the link provided.
  4. Jane clicks, and is directed to a landing page, where she learns about the special dental implants offer and additional benefits she will receive by choosing Dr. Doe as her periodontist.
  5. If the PPC campaign is effective, Jane will clearly see the benefits of this procedure, learn that Dr. Doe is the most qualified periodontist, and will “convert,” or click to schedule an appointment at his office.

Because Dr. Doe paid—bid on a certain price per click—to have his practice appear in one of the first three listings, he takes priority over other organic results. The placement of his ad is also designed to target people, like Jane, who are in the price-shopping mode. These patients searching a specific keyword or phrase (“dental implants in Chicago, IL”) will also be more inclined to click on his ad since they will probably read it first.

But appearing at the top of a Google search results page isn’t where PPC ends. Stay tuned for our next post, which will dive into what a PPC landing page is and how it can help you to convert those patients.

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