Attract More Dental Implant Cases with PPC – Part 2

Attract More Dental Implant Cases with PPC – Part 2

The PPC Landing Page

What is a landing page and what does it do? Let’s break it down. Remember, patients clicking on a PPC ad already know about the treatment they need, and are now price shopping for a practice that offers the maximum amount of value with the minimum amount of risk. In other words, affordable care that doesn’t sacrifice quality. So, when they are searching phrases like “dental implants in Chicago, IL,” you have the unique positioning with PPC ads to be placed directly in front of the patient as they search for services you provide. Once they have clicked on your ad, you can use content, video, and photos on your landing page to convert them.

The landing page could include certain elements in order to persuade patients to schedule an appointment with your office, including:

  • A strong headline and CTAs that drive the patient to convert.
  • An offer that builds your value.
  • A list of all-inclusive benefits along with the treatment itself.
  • A “why choose us” section to position you and your team as the experts.
  • A set of before-and-after photos with patient testimonials.
  • A simple, easily-fillable contact form.

Why is PPC Marketing Effective?

PPC campaigns offer significant advantages over other marketing tactics, the most noticeable being its immediacy. A professionally designed campaign with the right budget can bring more conversions than any other marketing tactic, with results showing in as little as 24 hours after launch. Other benefits of PPC marketing include:

  • Targeted
    • PPC ads let you target people in the price-shopping stage, attracting the most qualified patients looking for the higher dollar procedures you provide.
  • Visible
    • PPC ads are always the first few listings (or #1 with the right bid), along with locations down the right side and at the bottom, of a search results page.
  • Immediate
    • Once the PPC campaign is live, results can begin showing in as little as the first 24 hours, all from qualified patients looking for the specialized service you are advertising.
  • Flexible
    • PPC campaigns can always (and should) be monitored and tweaked to discover what works best in terms of keywords and phrases, layout, offers, etc.

The Highly Effective PPC Campaign

Building an effective PPC marketing campaign takes ad copy planning, bid strategizing, performance monitoring, and testing different styles of content and layout to figure out the most effective ads.

Seem like a lot of work?

Our digital marketing team is experienced in creating PPC campaigns based off years of data we have gathered from past campaigns and real-life interaction with practices just like yours. After setting expectations on campaign length, upfront cost, and ROI, we will develop a PPC strategy that is specifically tailored to you and your area, while targeting the highly qualified patients in search of your services.

Let us know if you’d like our help. We’re here to get your practice growing with proven strategies that will bring you results! To get started, contact us at 727-286-6211.

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