Active Listening Is The Main Factor For Success In Closing the Deal!

Active Listening Is The Main Factor For Success In Closing the Deal!

Active Listening Is The Main Factor For Success In Closing the Deal!

Published: 3/13/2023
Author: Max Turkowski
Senior Practice Consultant

No matter what product you are selling, whether it is a TV or a new set of teeth, active listening is a crucial skill to make sure you understand your prospect’s needs, and what they are looking to accomplish. Dental implant marketing is no different. When we are just listening, we tend to think how we are going to respond and may overlook what is being said by the person we are communicating with.

We may be hearing the speaker, but we are not fully engaged and focused into the message they are saying, and how it is being delivered. Active listening requires the listener to pay close attention to both the verbal and nonverbal communication that is taking place. We need to not only hear the content of what is being said, but the body language and emotions in their language.

Be Attentive

Attention and Knowledge are inseparable. To be attentive you will need to be focused and fully engaged with what is in front of you. Look at the prospect when they are speaking, sit or stand straight up to improve your focus, and do not get distracted by anything else going on around you. If there are any times that you do not understand the message being conveyed, be sure to ask questions!

Ask The Right Questions

Asking the right questions means asking open-ended questions. These questions are meant to probe the prospect and discover their true main points, and to help their current situation. Ask questions like:

  • What would be your ideal outcome from this situation?
  • How long have you been thinking about this?
  • How did this problem begin?
  • What methods have you tried to fix the situation?
  • How does this problem effect your daily life?

By asking open-ended questions we discover more about our prospect and are able to understand what they are looking to accomplish, and even enhances our ability to assist the prospect in the most appropriate manner based on their current situation.

Attune To Their Emotions

Being attuned to someone’s feelings means understanding their current situation and connecting to one’s experience. We can attune by mirroring someone’s actions. For instance, when we smile back at someone who smiles at us first. We can also show that we agree with someone using phrases like “I Know, Right,” “Exactly,” and other similar phrases. Show that you are resonating with what they are saying by using phrases like “That must be really tough,” and “I can only imagine.” We need to make sure we fully connect with the prospect, to gain trust, rapport, and to help further uncover main points we may not be able to normally find.

When you are in a conversation where the importance of understanding the message being conveyed is crucial to success, summarize the important information that was shared with you. This will not only show the prospect you understand their current situation and their goals for where they want to be, but it will also help you recognize any ways to further expand the conversation and assist you in your selling process. Active listening is a crucial skill for anyone looking to not only build success in their sales tactics, but to improve all relationships in their lives as well.

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