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The Current Dental Implant Market

The dental implant market is a huge opportunity that grows day by day with the aging population. This is a vertical that can double or triple the production and profit of your practice. But with any great opportunity comes big competition. There are more and more dental practices and dental surgeons marketing for dental implants every day and the market is becoming rapidly commoditized resulting in a higher cost per lead and a lower closing percentage.

For the last 10 years we have advertised, and monitored hundreds of campaigns from dental implant practices and dental specialists alike. In addition we have created various long-term business plans to focus and grow big multi-implant cases and full arches. We have specialized dental implant campaigns and strategies for Oral Surgeons, Periodontists, and Prosthodontists in addition to General Dentists.

Why Progressive Dental Marketing?

Progressive Dental Marketing is a full service and fully accredited organization that provides planning, marketing, training, and oversight to dentists and specialists as it relates to big cases. Specifically Marketing and Advertising for Full Arch Dental implant cases.

Critical Components

What are the Critical Components to have in place to consistently generate and close full arch and multi-implant cases? This is what is needed to create a sustainable Dental Implant Marketing Campaign.


Automated Lead Management and Follow Up

  • Constant automated follow up with text, emails, and phone calls
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Specialized Training for Your Treatment Coordinator on How to Close Big Dental Implant Cases

Progressive Dental Marketing Catalyst
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View Dental Implant Marketing Examples And Hear From Our Doctors!

What Makes Us Different?


We specialize in Dental Implant Marketing.

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We consistently partner & lecture for some of the largest and most successful dental implant companies in the world.

Dental Trainees


We do more than just advertising! We create the assets, train your team, and provide a fully backed and proven business system.

Progressive Dental Marketing Events


We have a fully accredited CE curriculum and provide an ongoing sales training / mentorship program to Treatment Coordinators. Complete Full Arch Dental Implant Sales Training!

We Are Partners With ...

The Secret to Increasing Your Full Arch dental implant Cases

Dr. Singh

25 Arches Per Month

Periodontist Full Arch Dental Implant Marketing Program

Dr Mueller Photo

Dr. Mueller

20 Arches Per Month

Oral Surgeon Full Arch Dental Implant Marketing Program

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Dr. Toback

10 Arches Per Month

Periodontist Full Arch Dental Implant Marketing Program

Dr Brand Photo

Dr. Brand

15 Arches Per Month

General Dentist Full Arch Dental Implant Marketing Program

If you want to attract and close full arch dental implant cases every week it takes more than simple dental marketing. It is a process that we have perfected over 10 years and thousands of campaigns. Simply put… if you are serious about wanted to increase your full arch production, we are the only logical choice.

If you are tired of fly-by-night companies that constantly under deliver… you are in the right place!

Ready for Your Step-by-Step Guide?

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