The Reality of Marketing as a General Practitioner

For many general practitioners, the extent of their marketing plan includes a discounted new patient special for general cleanings, exams and x-rays. This “plan” simply brings in price-shopping patients who are only looking for a one and done cleaning. You’ll likely never see them again and it forces you into a volume based model that brings in very little money.

Sound like you?

What you really want is a marketing plan that brings in consistent patients for your big, high-end procedures. Right?

But how do you do this without having to lower your prices to beat out the dentist down the street? Its simple. Let us tell you…

Market your real product. You want to show off your OUTCOME, the PATIENT EXPERIENCE, your EXPERTISE.

You can’t put a price tag on that. And your competitors can’t beat it. You effectively change what patients perceive as valuable. They don’t want the cheapest anymore…now they want the BEST. They want PROVEN RESULTS. They want the EXPERT.

They want YOU!

Now, once you have shown you’re the best, you can narrow down your target audience. What KIND of patients do you want? Every dentist targets general procedures like dental implants or cosmetic treatments, but you can tap into the market for those specifically searching for All-on-4® or smile makeovers.

Other generic marketing companies don’t know to target these patients. They most likely don’t even know what those procedures are! We do. Our team of marketing professionals are also dentistry experts. Dentistry is all we do every day.

What can we market that will be impossible for a competitor to imitate or commoditize? The answer is simple, market your REAL PRODUCT.
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Bart Knellinger speaks on marketing for a General Practitioner

Strategy Comes First

Developing a website for a general dentist requires specific knowledge and expertise in the field of dentistry. There are 3 fundamental topics to cover during strategy development.

Gain Clarity

Clearly define exactly what kind of patients & cases we want to attract. General dentist marketing can focus on a variety of services, like cosmetic, dental implants, orthodontics, or TMJ. For each category there are multiple procedures that one practice can target. Each practice has a different set of services and goals on how and why they want to grow their practice in that particular direction but the most important part is clearly identifying what types of cases we are going to target.

Identify Compelling Assets

Collect or create all assets necessary to appeal to the intellectual and the emotional side of patients. We utilize videography, photography, & custom content to accurately portray the experience that patients will have at your practice, your history of excellent clinical results, and the stories of how you change your patients’ lives through dentistry.

Define Your Reach

Target the appropriate areas. People will inherently travel longer distances for treatments that are going to cost more money or treatments that are deemed as more complex. If you are only targeting your local area for dental implant or cosmetic cases you are going to struggle because it will be hard to get enough search volume to consistently bring those patients into the practice. We must scale your reach to surrounding communities for these large procedures.

Our Advantage

Simply put we have more experience, knowledge and expertise than any other company in the world as it pertains to the dentistry field.

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We have been heavily involved in the dental community for over 7 years. We have attended countless CE courses related to dental implants, oral surgery, and complex dental cases. We work with over 400 specialists across the country and host a fully accredited continuing education course focused on helping dentists grow their practice and become more efficient. We have the bandwidth to help in a variety of different aspects of growing a dental practice which allows us to fully customize a solution for our clinicians. Web Development & Digital Marketing, Staff Training, Case Acceptance, Referral Based Marketing, Traditional Media, Patient Seminars, Videography, Photography, Continuing Education, & More.

Simply put we have more experience, knowledge and expertise than any other company in the world as it pertains to advertising dentistry. I guess you could say we are the “Specialists for the Specialists” in the world of marketing and consulting. In dentistry a patient would be better off coming to you for a dental implant because that is something you do every day and you have an acute knowledge and training background in that area…, why wouldn’t you be better off hiring a company that markets dentistry all day every day and also has an acute knowledge and training background in that field?

Cutting Edge Tools To Build An Exceptional Website

  • Custom Design
  • Auto-Responsive
  • Fast load Speed
  • Free Updates
  • One-Touch Dial
  • One-Touch Direction
  • Educational Videos
  • Youtube Integration
  • Google Review Integration
  • Practice Videos
  • Photography
  • Social Media Integration
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Powerful Reporting & Analytics

Check Out Our Other In-House Marketing Services.

Traditional Marketing

Specializing in dental knowledge, we have PROVEN results, by customizing your ads around high value targeted procedures. We know how to get you the results you are looking for.

Digital Marketing

The advantages in digital marketing are all based around our opportunity to be selective and specific in regards to who will see our site and what keywords will trigger our site to appear in the rankings.

Web Development & Design

If you want a standard, template based, same old same old website you are in the wrong place. Your website is something that can and should automate a consistent flow of quality patients on a weekly basis. We will build your website around the goals of the practice and the types of cases that you most want to attract.

Video & Photography

Our main objective and purpose for using customized videography and photography for our clients is to be able to deliver a powerful message in the shortest and most compelling manner possible. Most doctors want “quality” new patients, not patients focused soley on price.
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