Attracting ``New Patients`` Isn't Enough Anymore. We Need to Attract The ``Right Patient`` and Specific High-Dollar Cases

The advantages in digital marketing are all based around our opportunity to be selective and specific in regards to who will see our site and what keywords will trigger our site to appear in the rankings. One of the biggest blunders that we see is doctors purchasing SEO, or PPC, without an over-arching strategy as to what types of cases we want to attract and what kinds of searches those people are making. Remember, when someone is going to make a major purchase in their life they will spend about 7 times longer online researching their options than a regular consumer. This means that digital marketing is essential for big case marketing!

Potential Dental Patients Usually Fall Into One Of Four Categories

They are symptomatic

These patients do not know what treatment they need or even if a treatment is necessary. They are researching a specific pain point or frustration they are dealing with like bad breath, bleeding gums, loose teeth, cracked tooth, grinding teeth, and so on...

They are doing research

These patients probably have not yet seen a clinician about their problem. They think they know what the problem is and are looking for solutions that make sense. A search like this might be "implant supported dentures vs dental implants."

They are shopping

Patients that are shopping are usually typing in very specific treatments and something related to price, cost, or affordability.

They are looking for a 2nd opinion

These patients will oftentimes type in very clinical terminology because they have been specifically treatment planned by another clinician. Their reasons for a second opinion could be financially based or based from a skepticism that the treatment may not be needed, or they are looking to hear if there are any alternatives.

Why SEO Is Essential

We understand that each clinician and practice is different. We believe in a custom analysis of your practice goals so we can drive the targeted traffic you are looking for. Search engines use a variety of different factors/data points to rank your site. It all begins with keyword research which allows us to create custom content based off of search trends in your area. Custom content paves the road to position you as the authoritative figure in your area of expertise. This proves to search engines that your content is relevant to the keywords being searched.

What SEO Can Do For You

Search engines utilize metadata which is what is displayed on your search engine results page. Metadata is a summary of what the page content consists of. By optimizing metadata, it allows us to target specific treatments to specific locations. Aligning all of these elements will lead to increased rankings and visibility across all search engines.

We believe in staying ahead of the curve to provide the ultimate user experience essentially leading to quality patient conversions. We begin with an SEO quality control check to ensure your dental website is in line with search engine standards. Utilizing ongoing analytic data allows us to evaluate and optimize, and stay on the cutting edge of industry trends.

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Digital Marketing for dentists

The Purpose Of PPC

Most advertisers focus on the high volume/traffic keywords that will cost you more money with fewer qualified leads. This common strategy attracts the patients in the “price shopping” stage, which can be easily done with a sign spinner out front offering “free” everything. With this common strategy, you will spend more time waiting for “new patients” who never show, or do consultations for “new patients” who have no chance of moving forward with treatment.

Don’t we all want to work less and make more money? That’s where we come in. PD expands upon this common approach to allow us to specifically target patients based on their symptoms and patients who are in the research phase looking for the best, not just the cheapest. We have developed tested and proven strategies that will consistently bring in the ideal case type. Based on years of historical PPC data and our hands-on work with practice growth, this allows us to understand the patient’s mindset during the entire sales cycle, whether they’re symptomatic, just researching, price shopping, or looking for 2nd opinions.

Make More. Work Less!

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Work Less Make More, Sound Good?

That is the goal we set from the launch of the campaign. I’m sure you’ve been promised this before. This can seem overwhelming from time to time especially dealing with the day-to-day operations of running a business. Let the experts take it from here.

Strategy & Planning

We work with your practice to identify the ideal cases and create a comprehensive strategy to attract the most qualified patients. We will drive traffic to a PPC landing page that will not only educate the patient, but will create a sense of urgency for a patient to take action.


The key to a successful PPC campaign is highly relevant keywords and tested ad copy to create an unstoppable campaign. With a successful campaign structure this allows for a lower cost-per-click with a higher conversion rate which means more qualified leads at a lower cost.


The only way to know if your campaign is successful is to provide multiple avenues for a patient to take action and convert. With call recording lines and form fills, we can directly associate each conversion with your PPC marketing campaign. Tracking every conversion from the first click all the way up to accepting treatment is crucial to the ROI of the campaign.


Once the campaign has been active and is gathering data, it is time to analyze and optimize the campaign. Through account optimizations we can refine the keywords and targeting for a stronger ROI.

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