Is It Really Worth Getting A Company To Do Your Dental Marketing For You?

Is It Really Worth Getting A Company To Do Your Dental Marketing For You?

Is It Really Worth Getting A Company To Do Your Dental Marketing For You?

Published: 01/24/2022
Author: Shelley Glime

Beginning to market your dental practice can be an exciting yet stressful time. This is especially the case if you have never marketed directly to the public. If you are typically a referral-based practice, the patient you are “selling” has already been “sold” by their dentist.

This is quite different from when you start marketing directly to the public. Direct to public marketing requires everyone in the office to be part of the sales process in order to close cases. This starts at the first touch by responding to a prospective patient’s inquiry in a timely, polite, & informative manner. Unlike most referral patients, these patients are researching numerous practices to find the perfect doctor to complete their treatment; therefore, you must be sure to “sell the patient” on your practice.

Patients typically ask questions regarding price and experience so be sure to be prepared for these questions and incorporate them into your sales pitch. Since they are researching other practices, patients want to make sure they are getting the best “deal” on their treatment (this doesn’t mean being the cheapest).

Value and customer service are the most important factors to patients, especially when it comes to high dollar full-arch dental procedures. From there every touch with this future patient counts, each follow-up, meeting with the treatment coordinator, and even the first meeting with the doctor; this is all part of the sales process.

But Do You Really Need A Dental Marketing Company?

Progressive Dental Marketing understands that most dental staff do not have the sales training necessary for closing full-arch cases.

This is why we created The Closing Institute, a program designed to give your team the necessary tools to close large cases in volume and scale your dental practice. Our team works closely with your team during power sessions, monthly calls, big events, etc. to ensure that your team is prepared to close high-revenue treatments.

Each client is also appointed an Account Manager which is your direct point of contact who will be there every step of the way to ensure your goals are met and that your team is learning the sales techniques needed. Our account managers will help give your team pointers on recorded calls, answer questions, & get your team signed up with third-party financing companies like Proceed Finance. Our Account Managers are an extension of your team and they work closely with the digital marketing and web team to ensure your practice is getting the best results.

Regarding marketing, our team has over a decade of dental specific marketing experience and historical data to help optimize your campaigns from the start. Our goal is to provide you with as many qualified leads as possible to build your practice. Not only, do we want to increase your leads but also coach your team to be equipped with all the resources they need in order to close these potential leads.

Transforming more lives while increasing our client’s bottom line is our main purpose. All of our departments have a hands-on approach to your account. Our team works closely with your Account Manager to ensure you are getting results and if you ever encounter an issue our team will work endlessly to solve it. Our Google Ads & Social Media teams even have dedicated account representatives from Google & Facebook to help with unusual issues that you may encounter. Keep in mind we are working within a platform that we do not have complete control over (Google & Facebook) but we are proud to say that because we have over 12 years of dental marketing so there are no issues that have arised which couldn’t overcome quickly and efficiently.

Our digital marketing and traditional marketing team run various campaigns from new patients, laser gum surgery, orthodontics, to our most popular campaign - dental implants. Dental implants is our most popular & successful treatment to advertise due to the high demand in the marketing for dental implants - and it’s also the highest profit margin procedure for most practices.

Our team is driven by your success; therefore, if a campaign isn’t performing as well as we would like (and it unfortunately happens in marketing) we may make recommendations for adjustments or even a campaign change. Your success is ours!

Are You Looking For Your Next Marketing Partner?

Interested in learning more about closing high-dollar cases? Attend The Closing Institute and learn how to predictably scale implant production by implementing advanced marketing and sales strategies from the leading experts in the industry! With courses in Clearwater, FL and Las Vegas, NV, this isn’t just theory. This is a tried and true method to grow your full arch production and develop your team to strategically and consistently close high-revenue, dental implant procedures.

Dental specialists interested in learning more about Progressive Dental Marketing's award-winning services and continuing education seminars are invited to contact the dental marketing company in Clearwater, FL. Progressive Dental Marketing can be reached by calling (727) 286-6211 or by visiting Or feel free to explore our website and the several case studies we have!

If you are interested in hearing more from Bart Knellinger, come to one of our upcoming dental continuing education courses. Visit today to reserve a spot for you and your team!

Progressive Dental is more than just a marketing company, we are a company located in Clearwater, FL dedicated to dental practice growthOur team was founded on creativity, collaboration and hard work. We are constantly evolving and are passionate about providing the best suite of dental marketing services for our clients. They are the reason we jump out of bed!

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