Should Oral Surgeons Market Direct to The Public?

Should Oral Surgeons Market Direct to The Public?

Should Oral Surgeons Market Direct to The Public?

When I search “dental implant specialist” in google, you know what I see? The first link takes me to a general dental practice. The second one takes me to another general dentist who has a specialization in implantology. Third? A Prosthodontist. In fact, not one person in the entire first page of the google search results is an oral surgeon. Not a single one. It’s time for oral surgeons to join the game!

Beyond The Referral

“Why I say a resounding yes, because if you want to stay relevant… if you want to do dental implants, if you want to do full arch implants, big, complicated cases like that, then you are almost to the point where, if you’re not doing it right now then you’re behind.”

Oral Surgeons not currently in the marketing game are suffering. As shown by the simple google search above, oral surgeons are already behind in a massive marketing push by general dentists and periodontists who are making an appeal to an ever-growing implants marketplace.

Referrals used to be the currency of exchange. General dentists would recommend oral surgeons for bigger procedures. Even today oral surgeons “haven’t lost third molar extractions and things like that to [General Dentists]”. Where oral surgeons are losing out though is in the implant game.

Advantages Left Unspoken

Oral surgeons have many advantages over the rest of the field in the dental implant game. Oral surgeons are specially trained in all sorts of techniques that make dental implants easier and longer lasting to do. But the public will not know about it. “Perception is reality when it comes to marketing” and if your expertise is not being shared out there, then nobody is going to hear about it.

That is why it is so important today to have a good and easy to use website, a strong social media presence, and high-quality doctor and patient accounts on treatment options and fulfillment. In the age where content is king, not having anything leaves you out of the conversation. No question.

But will not advertising direct to the public hurt my practice? After being in business over a decade, no one has ever called and said, “Turn it off, turn off the marketing, we just lost a referral.” To put it plainly, this never happens. Marketing gets the news of your advantages from your specialized training out there which will help others find comfort in what you are offering to do, help them in getting dental implants. Anyone who says otherwise, to put it lightly is stuck in the past, probably with an academic book in their hand.

Ready For More Clients?

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