The Four Pillars to Marketing Dental Implants

The Four Pillars to Marketing Dental Implants

The Four Pillars to Marketing Dental Implants

Progressive Dental Marketing launched as a company in the heart of the Great Recession, a time when many practices were facing the sudden realization that they may have to close their doors for good. What PDM noticed was where some practices struggled to merely survive, others thrived. The main point of distinction between these two practices, a cohesive marketing strategy. In the wake of COVID-19, we are seeing these trends happening again today.

In a recent interview, Gerritt Cora, Vice President of Progressive Dental, and Amol Nirgudkar, CEO of Patient Prism, discuss the new dental landscape after nationwide lockdown. “This is the time to really dial in,” Cora said. “How are we going to do things differently? How are we going to maybe change up our model a little bit so we can recoup those revenues quicker, and do it in a way that serves your philosophy as a clinician?”

At the cornerstone of change, Cora predicts that the typical high-volume business model dental practices are used to will no longer be the gold standard. He states that it is time to think bigger. He also observes that many practices now are expressing fear that patients will no longer have the ability to pay for large cases, “I think getting back, one of the big things is everybody is going to have that mindset when they’re building their strategies out, that people don’t have money.

That just isn’t the case. I mean, before the crisis, the percentage of people that were living paycheck to paycheck was 76%. So, not a whole lot changed in that respect, and you still have that pent-up demand. The big difference is you have less competition, because a lot of folks are adopting that mindset that people don’t want those things. And we’re seeing major demands.”

While jumping to tactics is typically the first inclination of novice marketers, it often leads to an increase in dollars spent and a decrease in leads acquired. Watch as Gerritt discusses the 4 pillars of dental implant marketing that he credits to the success of his clients.

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