The Perks Of Being A Video Production Specialist!

The Perks Of Being A Video Production Specialist!

The Perks Of Being A Video Production Specialist!

Author: Sebastian Ruiz

Published: 10/22/2021

I’ve been a traveler since I can remember. When I was a kid, I remember my mother purchasing a Jansport Backpack and taking a trip to Europe with her best friend at the time (R.I.P). She used to tell me these amazing stories about the things that she saw, smelled, and tasted, the people she met, and the different cultural places they inhabited. Ever since she made that trip, every single trip afterwards she made - she wanted to make sure I was a part of it. That’s how my love for traveling was born.

Don’t get me wrong, traveling is not all rainbows and butterflies, the long hours in the plane, possible delays, and rude smelly people at the airport are just a couple of things you have to deal with when going through this journey but it’s always worth it. Why am I talking about travel? How is this related to my blog?

Well first off, because to me traveling is the most awesome thing anyone can do, it opens your eyes to so many different cultures and enriches you with knowledge. Second, it’s the perk I enjoy the most about being a Video Production Specialist for Progressive Dental!

What Exactly Is My Role?

If I had to explain it to an 8-year-old kid in simple words, I travel from state to state (hopefully one day country to country) to create impactful visual stories for dentists all around the globe.

I’ve been a filmmaker / content creator / videographer for over 19+ years (yes that’s a lot, I was pretty much born with a camera). My career goes hand in hand with my love for traveling. So to me, this is the ideal job for me!

But as a videographer, I've been in constant argument with people that underestimate what we do as video creators; just like how graphic designers are underestimated with what they do. For some reason I have seen that there is this ideology that since something is digital, it’s easy to do. This is by no means the case because we don’t just hit the record button and let it all happen.

As a video production specialist our duty is to plan ahead of time. We plan each and every production. Our videography team at Progressive Dental focuses on customizing each project because we know that there are no two dental practices that are the same. We make sure to capture our client’s differentiating factors, highlight what their strengths are, and showcase their unique brand/business. There is so much that goes into each project before, during, and after the time we are with the doctors and their teams. Our video team travels nationally and we carry our expensive heavy gear EVERYWHERE - sometimes by ourselves and sometimes with another video production specialist. We go through the extensive travel ordeal of waking up really early, going through airport lines, fighting for missing luggage, long (frequent) flight times, avoiding crazy people, different weather, eating on the go, and more; while doing it with passion! What motivates us is the moment we get to our location where we make you (the client) look and sound amazing!!! If there is any chance that our clients are feeling self-conscious or insecure about how they speak or portray themselves on camera, we get it, it’s easier to be behind the lens than in front of it. But at Progressive Dental, we are trained to guide you to a point where by the end of each shoot, you feel like a movie star. Our job isn’t done once we leave the dental practice. Then comes organizing all of the video and photo files (which trust me, it’s quite the amount) and editing them to make your vision come to life!

Traveling from state to state has been an incredible experience! Depending on how our schedule is, we sometimes like to squeeze the little bit of time we have to explore the cities we travel to. Sometimes it’s just an In-&-Out experience where all we see is the hotel room, but being a travel junkie myself, I try to take advantage - even if it involves exploring the city by night!

Besides getting to travel to different cities, you really establish a great connection with doctors all over the map! Sometimes they’ll even invite us for a nice dinner, sometimes they give us free electric toothbrushes, or in my case a doctor once fixed my chipped tooth in a matter of minutes for free! SHOUT OUT TO DR. ALI

All I can say is: I'm beyond happy to do what I do, and honestly it never really is considered WORK since I genuinely enjoy what I do! So I encourage you to always seek out what you love to do and never EVER stop moving! Keep exploring!

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