How an Original Dental Logo Design Can Attract New Patients in 2020!

How an Original Dental Logo Design Can Attract New Patients in 2020!

One of the best ways you can stand apart from the competition as a dental practice is to have a custom, original Dental Logo Design. More than a face for your business cards and dental website, a great logo design is unique, capturing the attention of new patients wherever you advertise. A simple, memorable logo is best, but the process for creating one is anything but simple. No matter if you’re starting a practice from scratch or thinking of re-branding, a logo should play a key role in your branding & marketing strategy and be designed by an experienced graphic designer. Up your marketing game and attract new patients with an original dental logo by following these six tips:

1.) Consider Your Brand Messaging. Your dental logo should reflect your brand’s overall message. This is developed from the name of the practice, mission statement, core values, or some other foundational element of your practice. Review your marketing strategy and consider your target audience. What is the age range of your primary patient base? If seniors are your target demographic, your logo may have a different look and feel than that of a pediatric dentist.

Dental Brand's Message w/ logo
Dental Logo Limiting Text

2.) Limit Text. Your dental logo is different than your practice tagline (a sentence or a few words that describe your business or mission) and should be able to stand alone without any additional text. Although the tagline is sometimes featured in logos, this isn’t necessary as the length may make it illegible in smaller sizes or give your logo a messy appearance. It is generally a better idea to create two separate elements that you can pair together when appropriate.

3.) Color Counts. Your dental logo colors should also coincide with the colors on your website, social media accounts, direct mail, and any other materials you distribute. Choose your colors carefully! Color is a powerful branding tool that can convey a specific message about your practice. Different colors elicit different emotional responses and what works for one company or industry might not be appropriate for another. Healthcare branding often uses blue and green tones in logos, which are generally considered calm and welcoming. Be sure to limit the color palette to between 2-4 colors to avoid visual clutter.

3 Color Dental Logo
Dental Logo w/ Simple Font

4.) Simplify Fonts. The typography you choose for your dental logo is just as significant as the colors and design. The font should be clean, simple, and readable, with the goal that it communicates the “feel” of your brand and mission. Is your brand modern, conservative, or boutique? Our talented graphic designer can help you choose fonts that convey your desired tone. In general, avoid primarily using script or handwriting fonts as they can be difficult to decipher.

5.) Bigger Isn’t Always Better. When it comes to dental logos, size does matter. Remember that your logo may be used on everything from billboard advertisements to business cards and print mail. A complex logo design might look fantastic when large, but more than likely will look muddled when reproduced in a smaller size. Be sure your logo conveys your brand message in simple and clear terms so that it can be easily recognized and distributed across many different marketing and advertising channels.

Properly Sized Dental Logo
Distinctive Dental Logo

6.) Be Distinct. Many dental practices fall into the trap of using templated or generic symbols for their dental logos. A logo design of a tooth for a dentist seems logical, but often is too cliché and unrecognizable from other logos to stand out. Great logo design is appropriate, distinctive, simple, and practical and above all conveys the practice’s intended message. Internationally-recognized graphic designer David Airey says it best: “A logo doesn’t need to say what a company does. Restaurant logos don’t need to show food, dentist logos don’t need to show teeth. The Mercedes logo isn’t a car. Just because it’s relevant, doesn’t mean you can’t do better.” Bottom line? A unique logo can help your practice stand out from the competition!

Help Our Graphic Designer Help You!

Our graphic designer has years of experience creating custom and unique logos for businesses. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t be part of the process and offer your ideas or vision for your practice branding. Feel free to show us logos that you admire (they can be outside of dentistry, too) and our graphic designer will be able to use this information to create a logo that is uniquely yours. To contact us about our custom dental logo design services, please call (727) 286-6211 today!

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