Why Do I Need a Website Upgrade With Video Integration?

Why Do I Need a Website Upgrade With Video Integration?

We understand. You already have a website with lots of content that has proven effective over the past few years – so why upgrade?

Think about your cell phone. Now think about how often you upgrade that cell phone. Do you still have the same one from two to three years ago? Probably not. A website upgrade is the same concept.

Consumer behavior is changing.

Your clients prefer to listen, watch and engage in their content versus read it. This puts your content-heavy, yet effective, website out-of-date. Google’s spiders may be scanning your webpages and finding the content they are looking for to help clients find you, but once they do, are they really finding what they need as quickly as they want?

Today’s consumer is fast. You literally have seconds to grab their attention from the time the webpage begins to load to the time they locate what they are looking for. This requires that your content adapts to meet these new needs. Long, detailed paragraphs are not going to be read. But, a video with a concise headline telling them exactly what it is will instantly grab their attention.


1.8 million written words is equivalent to a 1-minute video. Now THAT’s powerful!

And much more efficient when it comes to marketing to today’s fast-paced consumer.

You do still need to have written content on your website for Google to find you. Their spiders search through more than just the backend meta data to determine relevancy for a search. However, to make your website as engaging as possible to attract a client, and convince them to call you for an appointment, you need to upgrade and integrate those videos.

Here’s what video can do for your practice, and what makes it so effective:

  • Captures the culture of your practice so clients get to know you even before they call. This builds rapport and makes them feel comfortable right from the start.
  • Captures real patient experience to help potential patients relate and make an informed decision. They already know what to expect at your practice, so they feel confident in making that call.
  • Third party endorsement! Nothing beats word-of-mouth when it comes to your reputation. Video testimonials that can quickly and conveniently be watched right from your website are a great way to, discreetly, show potential clients how awesome you are.
  • Sets you apart from the competition. Being honest, dentistry is a competitive market, and you really need to stand out. Seeing a friendly face in a well-presented video is exactly the edge you need.

Convinced? We can help. Contact one of our practice growth specialists today to learn how we can help get your website up-to-date and conversion-ready with video integration!

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