How Custom Video And B-Roll Can Help Your Dental Marketing!

How Custom Video And B-Roll Can Help Your Dental Marketing!

How Custom Video And B-Roll Can Help Your Dental Marketing!

Published: 8/16/2021

In the past, we have addressed how to create strong web videos and how to use social platforms like YouTube and Facebook to improve your traction. Today though, we want to address the best practices in giving your dental practice videos, dental website, and social media a professional look! The specific tool we want to discuss is B-Roll, a shot of supplemental or alternative film separate from the main footage. Here is how B-Roll adds to make videos look professional:

Uses Of B-Roll In A Practice

B-Roll allows for practices, devices, or other offerings by your dental office to be presented to potential clients whilst not taking away from the main shot. This can help inform clients, comfort and relax them, and allow for clarity of what a client is walking into.

Website Header B-Roll:

The best use of B-Roll when it comes to your website is your homepage header cultural video. Usually, this video is about 10-15 seconds in length, and the main point of this video is to set the expectations of a potential patient looking to see what procedures you specialize in or trying to get into contact with the practice. This video consists entirely of B-Roll, showing off the main practitioner(s) of the practice, the atmosphere and appearance of the practice, and patients’ positive reactions of the practice. This works at setting your credibility as an advantageous and professional practice to work with, and can help at either tempering patient concerns even before the first consultation, or convincing them to schedule their first appointment!

Patient Testimonial Videos:

Another example of B-Roll in work is by producing a B-Roll of a patient testimonial. Rather than focusing the entire time on the individuals sitting and telling the story, B-Roll allows for a dramatized recreation of what the procedure or office visit was like for the patient giving testimony. The addition of the B-Roll also allows making the most of a video. Heartwarming stories are great but showing what the office environment is like and how the patient was treated will help to win over skeptical clients.

Dental Treatment Videos:

A final example of B-Roll would be to display how well a dental treatment works. Potential clients want to see what the result of your hard work is. Showing off what the dental equipment & technology looks like, shots of the treatment underway on a patient, and the patient’s reaction to getting the treatment would allow for a potential client to take in and understand what is being discussed. This is also directly showing how well your work is which helps clients envision the sort of work you would provide them.

So, to summarize, B-Roll is simply any form of additional footage. This can be anything from a dramatic recreation of a scene in a patient testimonial. This could be showing off a product offered in your dental office. B-Roll is super helpful in breaking up the main footage which helps in the professional make-up of the video overall. The B-Roll also provides visual context for things being discussed in the main footage to clue in clients about specific practices.

The Difference in Action

Having this content present on your website is critical. This is because any place this content is being shared can link people to your website which, in turn, may draw potential clients to search through the rest of your website. People don’t want amateurs working on their dental health which is why putting your best foot forward with well-done videos is important.

If you are not on social media then you are missing out on a huge potential place to share these videos. Social media provides a huge potential for future clients. By sharing these high-quality videos on different platforms, you will increase the possible reach of these videos and increase the likelihood of building traction on your website (if you are linking back to your website of course).

These videos can also be displayed throughout the lobby area while clients are waiting to be taken back and seen. Whilst these people are part of your network already, it may help sway or convince them of treatments they have been avoiding. This also generally informs patients of different offerings you have they may not be aware of.

Try Marketing With the Best!

Twice now, Progressive Dental Marketing has received a videographer award of excellence because of our best practices in dental marketing videos! We are the experts when it comes to dental videography, having a professional team that flies out to anywhere in the Continental United States to give you amazing videos to utilize for your marketing campaigns!

Videography On The Road:

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