3 Reasons Content Marketing Captures New Patients

3 Reasons Content Marketing Captures New Patients
Like mass media—traditionally television and radio—content marketing was designed to reach a large audience. The difference is, by its nature, content marketing is made to be shared by the user. Content marketing is also different than most other forms of marketing in that it’s intended to make people aware of your brand, not necessarily give them a hard sell. The idea is to give readers/viewers something of value that grabs their attention and makes them want to find out more about you through a simple click. It’s cost-effective, because once you’ve published content it can remain on the web essentially forever. That means that it can continue to gain interest later and be shared without you expending additional time and resources. Publishing new content on a regular basis is key, because it can grow stale otherwise and your site will rank higher with search engines when new content is continually added.

So, how can content marketing help attract leads and bring new patients in your door?

1. It’s Shareable

Content marketing hinges on creating content that’s not only easy to share (via link, email, share button, etc.) but that also provides enough value to where readers will want to share it. This includes social media posts, videos, infographics, blogs, and more. Just by sharing a social media post for your business, you’re using content marketing. By making it engaging, you’re making it more effective. Link building can then increase its exposure (and your practice’s) exponentially. If picked up by an influencer or a site that ranks highly for the topic of your content, it’s more likely to generate qualified leads, i.e., people who are more inclined to become patients.

2. It’s Interesting and Informative

A blog is a format, but it’s the topic of that blog that really gets people interested. Use Google and social media to find out what topics other dental practices are publishing and readers reading. Still, publish content that’s not so timely that it will become dated quickly. Unlike some traditional marketing, readers can “subscribe” to your content marketing, and if your content is good enough and fresh enough, they will. Successful dental practices use content marketing to:

• Highlight credibility factors: “Board-Certified, 30 Years in Practice, 10,000 Dental Implants Placed,” for example.

• Educate with little-known but interesting dental facts: “Why Dental Records Are Used in Police Work,” to explain that teeth are as unique as fingerprints, for example.

• Exploit the fear factor: “The Proven Connection Between Gum Disease and Heart Disease,” to explain how dental health can affect systemic health and why patients need to have regular dental checkups, for example.

3. It’s Unique to You

Content helps build awareness, authority, and trust for your practice. It shows you’re the best at what you do. Differentiators—having the latest technology, an in-house lab, a multispecialty practice that provides service to the entire family, etc.—are what are going to get people to click. Once you’ve drawn them to your website, you’ve won a significant victory in the battle. There you can tell your full story, show more videos and a smile gallery, and give them different ways to reach out to your practice, as well as entice them with any special offers. Content marketing is also a great way to convey the culture or “vibe” of your practice and the personalities of your staff. They may see that you’re not only highly qualified and accomplished but approachable and even fun.

These are just a few of the reasons you should strongly consider content marketing for your practice. Our dental marketing and consulting firm can help you optimize what you’re already doing or completely take over the creation and strategy of your content marketing, allowing you to focus on providing the best services. We’re the proven experts in helping grow dental practices. Discover how we can customize a solution for you by calling our practice growth specialists now at 727-286-6211.

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