So You Want To Write A Blog? Make It Count!

So You Want To Write A Blog? Make It Count!

So You Want To Write A Blog? Make It Count!

Author: Marit Spisany
Published: 8/13/2021

Did you know HOW you write a blog is almost more important than WHAT you write your blog about? A well written blog can have a significant impact on your SEO (search engine optimization).


SEO is a mechanism used to make what you write stand out. This is particularly important for search engines such as Google to help move your dental website to the top of the search results page by making certain keywords stand out.
When you optimize properly, you will move your website to the top of Google’s search results and basically every other search engine. Ideally, to really make your blog shine, you will be writing about topics that align with what people are searching for. Side note, it is also important to make sure your website is designed for the people you want to attract. A user-friendly website with the proper content will serve you well.


There are lots of ways to help push your dental practice’s website to the top of the virtual heap, including social media and paid dental marketing ads, but, at the end of the day, if you want your site to rank high, or ultimately on the first page of Google, you will need to learn about SEO. Better yet, hire a marketing company that employs experts in this specific type of content. Dental SEO is essentially the gift that keeps on giving.


This can be a bit tricky, and frankly, thinking about ranking factors, search engine results pages (SERPs) and algorithms, seems a little too close to math for comfort! To break it down in simpler terms, think about search engines as having spiders that crawl around your web page gobbling up information. Once the spider has thoroughly inspected your content, it runs to Google where it shares that information and it is then pushed into the secret back door society of algorithms to decide where to rank your info in the search engine results pages. (source: If your page is optimized properly, the spider and Google will index your page based on the keyword(s) you are looking to zone in on.


Fun fact, there are over 200 individual things that Google takes a gander at to decide how to rank pages, otherwise known as “ranking factors.” Some of the most important – in no particular order:

  • Domain authority
  • Dwell time
  • Content quality
  • Number of backlinks

And well, SO MANY MORE! Bottom line, how you write what you write really does matter!



The length of your blog really depends on how many words you need to make sure people understand your topic. Based on a study by Can I Rank (, the blog posts that ranked in the top 3 used more than 1000 words.


Again, this is a loaded question.  It takes lots of research and time, again another excellent reason to hire a dental marketing company like Progressive Dental Marketing to do the leg work for you.  With experience comes speed and the understanding that is inherently necessary to make wise decisions.  Things like keyword difficulty, keyword trends, and search volume along with semantic keywords all come into play.


At the end of the day, you want your dental blog to provide valuable information that is easy to read and understand.  Ranking is certainly important and the ultimate goal, but you don’t want to use so many keywords that your blog sounds forced and unnatural.   Think about your subject, be strategic about your content, make sure it is well thought out, informative and leaves the reader satisfied that their time was well spent.  You will quickly become an authority on your topics of choice and your website will reap the benefits.

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Happy blogging!

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