Does Custom Content Really Help With My SEO Placement On A Google Search?

Does Custom Content Really Help With My SEO Placement On A Google Search?


Content is King!

Search engines, like Google, have an algorithm for how they place value on websites; which, ultimately, is how they decide where to place each site on their search results page (SERP). These scaling algorithms are constantly changing, and the search engines will never share them with you, or everyone would be ranking number one! However, there are leading guidelines that factor into the algorithms – one of those is custom, keyword-based content.

How Custom Content Helps You Dominate SERPs

Your website’s ranking is determined by each individual page, and every algorithm requires a percentage of your content to be completely unique to be considered authoritative. Basically, duplicating content tells the search engine that your website isn’t a credible source, so you will rank lower on the SERP. Thus, writing new, custom content, or seeking help from professional copywriters like those at Progressive Dental to write it for you, will help you rank higher.

Think about it this way: Search engines are in the business to bring people the most accurate and relevant information. Now, imagine you are a search engine and you have the same, outdated content across thousands of websites on one hand, and a website that has accurate, keyword-based content in the other hand. Which one would you be more inclined to show?

Why Keyword Optimization is… Key

The more you update your content with accurate, unique information, the more you are showing the search engines that your website is relevant. You can do this with any (we recommend all) of the following:

  • Additional pages of content about your newest treatment or piece of technology
  • Updates to current content
  • Blogs based on topics your patients are searching for

This last point deserves further discussion: What your patients are searching for.

This is where keyword optimization is critical to the success of your website. As we mentioned before, the search engine wants the most relevant content to rank highest. One of the ways it does this is by tracking keywords. Most people perform searches based on keywords, or terms and phrases relevant to what they are looking for, so you really need to know your audience to incorporate these terms into your content. At Progressive Dental, we employ SEO specialists dedicated to performing research on these keywords, targeted to specific types of patients in the dental facility’s area, because this piece of any dental marketing campaign is so critical to its success. Learn More About SEO in Our Blog!

Ready to try it out for yourself?

If you’re ready to rank higher on SERPs like Google, we can help. Taking on keyword research, and custom keyword-based content, is a time-consuming task, especially if you are starting a new marketing campaign. To learn more about how you can rank higher on Google, contact one of our practice growth specialists today.

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