Here’s Your Secret Weapon to Winning at SEO

Here’s Your Secret Weapon to Winning at SEO

Are you not getting the web traffic you want, even with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices in place?

When did you last publish a blog to your website?

If the answer is never, or you had to go look, the answer is “too long.”

Blogging is an invaluable tool to boost your website’s SEO success and connect with patients.

Here’s everything you need to know about how regularly posting new blogs will completely change your SEO game - for the better:

Blogs = New Content for Google’s Spiders

Where you end up on Google’s search engine results page (SERP) is determined by several factors. One of these factors is custom, keyword content. Google’s ever-changing algorithms consistently like one thing: unique content. Why?

To Google’s spiders, new, unique content sends the message that your website is authoritative. They don’t like browsing through pages of the same outdated, and potentially less useful, information. So, by regularly adding new, relevant content you are signaling to Google that your website is a.) active and b.) an authoritative source of information. This will intrinsically boost your SERP ranking.

Connect to More of the Internet

Have you heard of organic growth? Organic growth is the increase of web traffic and conversions that come from having a website marketing strategy in place. This is different from inorganic growth, which typically comes from paid strategies like pay-per-click (PPC). Blogging not only adds a page of new content to your website, but offers you the opportunity to internally link to other pages and have outside websites link back to your site as well, if posted on an external site.

Within a blog, you typically want to focus on internal linking to keep potential clients on your site in hopes of getting them to convert. A good rule of thumb is to aim for around three internal links from your blog to pages of relevant information.

How does this help you rank?

When you post a blog, you should be focusing on implementing SEO best practices with relevant keywords and information that will help the new page rank. The same can be said of every other page on your website. So, when one of these pages rises in SERP ranking, it will help rise up the other page as well as they are now “connected.” This is ideal so you can start to show up multiple times in a search. Showing up more than once in a search makes your website appear more credible to potential clients, which means they will be more likely to click for a visit.

Then, we have backlinking. Backlinking is basically a connection between two webpages. If your blog is posted to an outside source which then links back to your site, this is a backlink. From an SEO perspective, these links tell the spiders how popular a website is. The more backlinks you have, the more credible you appear. So take it as a compliment when another site links back to yours.

Why YOU Should Love Blogs

The simple answer: it boosts practice awareness. The more places you can be found on the internet, the better. You always want to aim to extend your reach to more new patients. Blogging is an excellent way to do this.

How often should you post blogs? That depends. At first, try to post at least once every other week. Then try every week if you can. You can increase it from there if you have enough to talk about.

What NOT to Do: Be inconsistent. Consistency is key when posting blogs. If you want to post once a week then post once a week, but don’t post every week for a few weeks then skip a couple weeks before you start posting again. When clients see this, it makes them doubt how legitimate and actively involved you are. Avoiding this is simple with a blogging schedule to keep you on target week after week.

If you have any questions about SEO, SERP or blogging, we can help. Many of our clients take advantage of our blogging services to help get their rankings higher. To learn more, contact us at 727-286-6211.

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