What Is It Like As An Account Manager For A Dental Marketing Company?

What Is It Like As An Account Manager For A Dental Marketing Company?

What Is It Like As An Account Manager For A Dental Marketing Company?

Published: 02/11/2022
Author: Kim Vickers

Here in Progressive Dental Marketing, we have many roles and positions that are involved from client relations to continuous marketing. As an Account Manager / Major Account Executive here at Progressive Dental, I am the primary point of contact for my clients, coach my clients on sales processes & business decisions, and coordinate workflows involved between my clients and the various departments here.

My job has many responsibilities, but every responsibility leads into an amazing experience for both me and my clients!

Responsible Communicator:

When it comes to client management, one of my job responsibilities is to build and maintain personal and long lasting relationships with clients. But personally, it is less of a responsibility and more of a privilege!

Kim Vickers, Account Manager, Being A Responsible Communicator

I spend a great deal of my time communicating with my clients. I become experts on their passions, goals, and expectations, while analyzing their needs and requests, and turning all this information into actionable tasks.

Whenever there is an emergency, I am always the first point of contact for the client, and we work as a team to get the changes needed as soon as possible.

Efficient Sales and Business Educator:

In addition to communicating with my clients, I also serve as their personal consultant and trainer! I’m always able to identify and communicate opportunities within my own client base in order to ensure sales growth for all my clients.

Kim Vickers, Account Manager, Being A Great Sales And Business Educator

A lot of my time is spent leading and training client offices through webinar and in-office training on sales processes and customer etiquette in order to convert potential patients into large case recipients. Close coordination in between the office, our continuing education program (TCI), and I have resulted in situations where we were able to boost how many full arch cases were done in a single practice in a year by 8900%!

One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is seeing my clients grow and succeed when never thought possible. I am always conducting research for my clients on how their businesses are converting leads into cash flow, and when they’re successful in one location, planning and helping to create a formula for expansion.

Business/Client Product Coordinator:

At the end of the day though, what is the point in effective training on sales processes if the client is not able to get new potential patients into the front door in the first place? One of my key responsibilities is that I am the main coordinator for all products and marketing my clients receive from Progressive Dental.

One of the biggest challenges to overcome in getting patients to find my client’s practices is having a well designed website. I am the main source of information on everything there is to know about my clients, and I get my web development team as much information and assets as possible to be able to build a dental website that makes my client stand out from the competition. From start to finish, I remain involved and diligent in getting my clients the best website delivery as possible.

Having an amazing website allows my clients to have a solid foundation to start digital and traditional marketing. And when the marketing begins, the same processes that went into creating the website are replicated to creating marketing campaigns that can end up in 12:1 returns on investment!

Kim Vickers, Account Manager, Celebrating The Success Of Her Client

I thoroughly enjoy my position here at Progressive Dental. Every day is a new day with different successes and challenges, so there is never a dull moment. The amazing team that I rely on here are the backbone of my client's and my successes, and the ability for me to deliver what is needed for each client.

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