January, February, March of 2021 |  Averaging 20 Arches Per Month

January, February, March of 2021 Averaging 20 Arches Per Month

“I’ve been in the industry for over a decade now and I’ve seen every form or version of marketing and production out there. The quality we get from their production team. Whether that’s from our web design team, or social media campaigns, or our video production. I haven’t seen anything like it. Ever.

See how he’s grown his full arch practice!

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Blake Austin


Social Media

Blake Austin opened up the Smile Now practice in Phoenix, AZ in 2020. When he brought Progressive Dental Marketing in as his practice’s marketing agency, he had the goal of opening a center specializing in oral surgery, sedation procedures, and cosmetic dentistry. Initially, we did a complete rebrand for the practice. Our videographers and photographers created custom assets, and we developed an entirely new oral surgeon website. Smile Now, now averages 20 arches a month as a brand-new practice with no referrals and no existing patient base.


  • Average up to 20 arches per month
  • Build recognition around new Smile Now brand
  • Establish Smile Now as a premier provider of oral surgery in the Phoenix, AZ market
  • Bring a brand-new practice/brand from 0 patients per month to one that places 20 arches per month without having to rely on referrals




  • TV
  • Pay Per Click
  • Social Media
  • Search Engine Optimization
Because he had just opened his new location and the brand was unfamiliar to those in the area, we wanted to increase his overall impressions and get in front of as many eyeballs as possible. We created a custom website to serve as the foundation of our marketing efforts. We filmed a series of doctor video blogs, patient stories, and cultural videos to use as assets throughout the website.

Search Engine Optimization

Smile Now’s dental website was locally optimized for Scottsdale and the larger metro area to attract patients specific to those markets. Specific targeted keywords focus exclusively on dental implants and full arch cases. In keeping with Google’s best practices, all images were optimized to increase load speed and reduce bounce rate throughout the website.

Organic Traffic Outcome

Monthly Average Visitors
Monthly Average Form Fills

Closing 20+ Arches a Month is not as hard as it seems

Smile Now is equipped with an in-house lab, therefore they were able to pass many of their cost savings onto their patients. Because they offered single implants and full arches at such an affordable price point, we capitalized on the opportunity to highlight those prices within our ad copy. By directing patients to our landing page, we then included more differentiating factors such as free consult and CT, free maintenance, and a 5-year warranty, which placed the practice above the competition in terms of efficiency as well as affordability.

PPC Campaign


Example keywords:

  • All-on-4 dental implant price
  • Affordable dental implants
  • Dental Implants price/cost


  • Shows that treatment is affordable
  • Gives patients an easy way to find ballpark pricing and their candidacy for treatment
  • Through a dental implant evaluation on the page, it is easy for the Smile Now team to triage out unqualified leads
  • Highlights the added benefits that patients receive through choosing Smile Now over other dental implant providers

Google Ads Outcome

Monthly Average Leads
$ 100
Average Cost Per Click
$ 0
Monthly Average Cost Per Lead

In order to make our social media and pay per click campaigns work in tandem, and to capitalize on the price advantages that Smile Now offers, we focused our social media ads on two things: pricing and candidacy. Pricing serves as a way to get the potential patient to stop scrolling and view the ad, the option to see whether they are a candidate entices the patient to click on the ad. Once they do, they are taken to a digital implant evaluation form which allows us to capture their information as well as get a preview into their current dental state.

Social media Ad Example

  • Direct response ad, drives traffic to dental implant evaluation
  • Uses ‘Get Quote’ CTA to target patients concerned over price
  • Evokes an emotional response to get patients to move forward

See the Ad!

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Social Media Outcome

Monthly Average Leads
$ 200
Average Cost Per Lead

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We concentrated on broadcast media, with a specific emphasis on local news. This :30 second spot utilized an emotional patient testimonial to establish the positive reputation for the new practice and had no aggressive call to action other than to visit the website.

TV Campaign

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  • :30 second spot
  • Rotation of three separate spots to reduce chances of over saturation
  • Targeted towards 50+ demographic
  • Aggressively marketing during Q1 and Q2 to account for summer breaks, with aim to amp up marketing in Q4
  • Morning, late afternoon, and early fringe news spots

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Overall 3-Month Results

Blake Austin received a 12:1 ROI in the months of January, February, and March of 2021. He recently purchased the available space next door to expand and open more operatories as well as move the in-house lab. He has also brought in a second oral surgeon and expanded his hours to include Saturdays to make it more convenient for patients. 

Arches Per Month
$ 0
Total Monthly Production
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