I Am Not Seeing Any ROI For My Marketing Strategy. Should I Stop It?

I Am Not Seeing Any ROI For My Marketing Strategy. Should I Stop It?

The simple answer? No.

But marketing campaigns aren’t simple, are they?

First, have you given the campaign enough time to be successful?

We often hear practices exasperatedly sigh their frustration after not seeing any ROI, or return on investment, from just 30 days of a new marketing campaign. Unfortunately, that usually isn’t enough time for the campaign to show any results. This is why at Progressive Dental (PD) we always run a campaign for at least 10 months.

Why does it take so long to see progress?

Keep in mind that when planning a solid marketing campaign, we recommend against targeting volumes of patients for low dollar procedures. Instead, we help you target a low volume of patients for higher dollar procedures. This means patients inquiring about your services may need some follow-up before making this big-ticket purchase decision. This takes time, and that’s okay.

Remember that by using our methods, your marketing may be working, but seeing the ROI may take a little longer as potential clients go through their decision-making process.

The key is not giving up!

Instead of stopping, adapt.

If you have given your campaign and potential patients times and you still aren’t getting the results you want, it’s important to first figure out why before you stop the campaign or make any changes.

Here’s the thing: consumers are constantly changing. That means your marketing needs to adapt to the ever-changing consumer. If something isn’t working, try to find out why. And if something was working, then suddenly isn’t, we need to figure out what changed.

This means analyzing the campaign from every angle possible to establish a trend. On a week-by-week and month-by-month basis, PD specialists can analyze the:

  • Traffic
  • Call conversions
  • Direction of the campaign

With this information, we can make informed tweaks to the campaign.

This may be a minor tweak to a piece of the campaign that isn’t working as well, or simply providing additional support where it’s needed. For example, phone skills training for your team to increase the number conversions.

We also make sure to diversify your marketing campaign this way so you avoid throwing all your eggs into one basket. This will help keep your marketing on track to show you the ROI you’re looking for.

Ultimately, you don’t want to start and stop different marketing campaigns.

If you regularly start and stop different campaigns each month or make tweaks without establishing a trend or tracking your progress, you could actually be changing what’s working. So, before you give up and move on to the next campaign, ask yourself if you have:

  1. Given it enough time.
  2. Properly analyzed the campaign and established trends.
  3. Made tweaks where they were needed.

Stick with your marketing campaign for at least 10 months with this plan in mind and see where it takes you!

Get Set Up for Success

At Progressive Dental, we have a team of practice growth specialists that have been trained to implement, analyze and manage successful marketing campaigns for dental practices. For further guidance on how you can start to see ROI, contact a member of our team today!

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