Take Your Social Media Reach to the Next Level

Take Your Social Media Reach to the Next Level

Sometimes, effective content alone isn’t enough to draw in multiple patients or see a large ROI. Using advanced techniques to reach a broader audience is possible and often a good idea when promoting high-dollar, niche procedures.

There are three effective ways to reach a greater audience when using social media platforms.

  1. Organic reach
  2. Boosted posts
  3. Paid advertisements

Organic Reach

Organic means your posts are viewed naturally by those who follow your practice and see it in their newsfeeds. Organic reach does not cost you anything, but is only seen by those who already know about you. For this approach, office happenings are the best kinds of post to use. People who already like you will be reinforced of your expertise and could also be triggered to book an appointment.

Boosted Posts

With a boosted post, you can target a specific audience through metrics such as age, interest, location, or gender. Those who fit into the market category you want to attract will be the only ones who see your post in their newsfeed. This helps get your message to the types of patients you want, and who may need your services. Patient testimonials are the best posts to boost since they highlight actual patients who have gone through treatment with you.

Paid Advertisements

Advertisements offer the most control and encourage a specific action from those who view it. You are able to pick a target demographic, set a budget for the ad, and create an objective. Objectives can be anything from filling out a form, calling the practice, or increasing brand awareness. You will be able to measure the success of your ad and it will stand out in the newsfeed to catch more attention. Video blogs are effective advertisements since they inform the audience of a problem or procedure, why it’s important, and give authority to the doctor.

Frequency is Key to Success

With proper planning of your posts, you can create a smooth, well-designed, lead-generating social media strategy. We recommend creating a routine and being active as much as possible. Here are the recommendations for your post frequency:
• Organic posts: 3-5 posts every week
• Boosted posts: 2-3 posts a month
• Paid advertisement: 1 ad run for 30 days

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