Top 5 Recommendations To Help Your Patients Have A Unique, 5-Star Experience At Your Practice

Top 5 Recommendations To Help Your Patients Have A Unique, 5-Star Experience At Your Practice

Top 5 Recommendations To Help Your Patients Have A Unique, 5-Star Experience At Your Practice

Published: 05/16/2022
Author: Aparna Pawar

After working with over 1000+ dental practices, I can speak with conviction that patient experience is the number #1 reason for having a high conversion rate, a better referral process, increased customer loyalty, and better overall production.

Whether you are working in a busy practice, or newly opened, multiple locations, or a multi-specialty practice, you must have BOTH automation and standardized processes in place for each patient to have a personalized patient experience.

Here are my Top 5 Recommendations to help your patients have a unique, 5-star experience at your practice.

Lead Management Dashboard

It is an absolute must to have a standardized process in place. Whether it is a phone call or form fill from a potential lead/patient, when you receive over 50+ leads in a month with your marketing, it is important that nothing is missed. We have a platform where you can access all your information and get a 360° view of what is happening with your marketing.

the account management team at progressive dental

If a patient fills out a form inquiring about your services, they need to receive an automated response that is personalized with their name, and assurance that someone will be reaching out to them within twenty-four hours. Patients should be receiving communication such as texts or emails with some information on a price range that can help them qualify the leads.

If you cannot get hold of a lead, the team should try to reach out to them again at least 3- 5 times and the patient should get reminders through this automation about who you are, how you can help change their smile, and how to easily schedule the appointment. In today’s busy society, and with so many new distractions, the average client’s attention span may be quite low. Hence, it is important to try to stay in touch with the patient and be in front of them when they are in either research or buying mode. Having a platform that allows you to text, email, and make phone calls will help you understand the patient experience at your practice.


The Simplifeye software can transform how your practice engages with patients by introducing a frictionless workflow to all your interactions. It offers a 24/7 chat with live support, not automated. This is a HIPAA compliant platform where the response time is less than 7 secs, and in 8 different languages. It has the ability to book appointments instantly that integrates with your dental practice software.

brand representatives from simplifeye at the closing institute

If you would like to send an invoice, or your patients would like to make a payment, this will allow them to do so at their convenience, and with a 0% merchant fee. Your team can book more patients by inviting Patient recalls which helps you fill the gaps in the schedule. Today's consumers like flexibility and getting information fast so why not give them that experience at your practice?

Patient Prism

progressive CEO Bart and Amol from Patient Prism

Patient Prism records and analyzes each call with new patients using artificial intelligence. The AI summarizes and scores the calls in seconds, then brings it to your team's attention within fifteen minutes of a lost opportunity. With this notification comes a report on how they can recover the lead and schedule the appointment. They offer over 900+ training videos to help your team improve their booking percentage, which in turn will help maximize the ROI of your marketing.

Tracking your calls helps the practice understand what the patient is calling about, the potential value of the patient, and the ability to train your Office Manager and/or team better. I have used this platform to download calls and share them with the team during my coaching sessions and also to analyze the marketing campaigns. This has helped bring to light some adjustments we could make based on FAQs, objections, queries, and even the times when the calls come in. The sale always begins with the first call, so make sure you are monitoring your booking percentage using this platform.

Proceed Financing

Your overall production will explode even if you close 2-3 more full arch cases per month. Proceed Financing offers an easy application process, approving loans up to 75K for up to a term of 120 months. Train your team to get comfortable talking to the patients about their financial situation, and help them get the treatment they need.

Dave, the CEO of proceed finance at the closing institute

Partnering with a financing company to help your patients afford treatment is a must. The #1 concern most patients have while going to a dentist is whether they can afford any potential treatments, especially when it comes to full mouth dental implants. It is expensive and very overwhelming for the patient to figure out how they can budget for the procedure and come up with the funds. If your team is working with a financial partner who can simplify the process and help patients break the payments over a longer period, it is a game changer.

The Closing Institute

progressive dental's aparna pawar at the closing institute dental symposium

At The Closing Institute, you will be trained on the step-by-step sales process from presenting to closing the case. This helps in standardizing the process, having a more predictable outcome, and helps streamline scheduling and reduce chair-time for both doctor and staff. At TCI, we have multiple resources to help your team become “Closers”. We train them on handling price-shoppers, triaging unqualified leads, and creating a bundle without reducing your price for the service. In addition, they have online educational resources, a support system with monthly peer mentorship calls, watching a real treatment presentation process and access to like-minded individuals who are doing this nationally. This will help the team understand the concepts and how to implement and tackle the issue.

Most of the high performing practices I have worked with make sure their team members have the best sales training. This in itself is an investment both in their future, and in your practice. A highly qualified treatment coordinator can make your patients feel comfortable, follow up with them, make financing easy, and be a patient advocate to walk them through this journey.

If you think that these tools and processes will help your practice grow, then let us help you use them to turn leads into closed cases. Contact us to take your dental practice to the next level.

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