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Dr. Alex Planes had 3 locations when he started marketing with Progressive Dental Marketing. It was a general dentistry practice but Dr. Planes wanted to grow in Dental Implant procedures. So, we helped him differentiate himself in the market and helped him establish himself as a specialty practice for dental implant procedures. Continue reading to see how we converted a General Dentistry practice into an Implants center in less than 1 year.

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Dr. Alex Planes


Website Development



Social Media



At the start of Dr. Planes and Progressive Dental’s partnership, we started with a digital marketing strategy that focused only on dental implants. In just a few short months, Dr. Planes started seeing a noticeable increase in dental implant & full arch cases. Within 6 months, he increased his marketing budget which this time included a video/photo shoot to help create branding campaigns. 3 months later, Progressive Dental created and delivered a brand-new website that was focused solely on Dental Implant procedures.  After much success with the overall marketing strategy, Dr. Planes increased his budget by almost 5x’s, solidifying his goal of establishing himself as an implant focused center and conquering the market in Treasure Coast, FL.   


  • Establish his practice as a leading destination for comprehensive implant dentistry along the Treasure Coast of Florida
  • Provide the look and feel of a state-of-the-art surgical center with the personalized care that they provide
  • Increase average monthly production at each location
  • Hire associates and buy multiple dental practices and convert them into implant centers
  • Become a dominant presence on the search engines for anyone looking for comprehensive implant dentistry and care


  • Create diverse digital marketing campaigns to acquire direct responses and provide educational-based messaging utilizing Google Ads, Facebook, and Instagram
  • Improve branding to establish the practice as an implant center by creating a new website that is only dental implant focused
  • Improve lead conversion by training the front desk on handling calls & training treatment coordinators to close cases


  • Dental Implant Website Development
  • Videography
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook & Instagram

Dr. Alex Planes’ original website, Planes Dental Arts, had a more general dentistry look and feel. The content covered everything from dentures, fillings, gum disease, crowns, veneers, etc. The site only had one page of content about dental implants . The site did not reflect how Dr. Planes wanted to set himself apart as a dental Implant center. Hence we created a new site with content focused on all dental implant procedures, what to expect, financing, Dental implant FAQ, educational Doctor blogs, and Patient video testimonials.

Search Engine Optimization

Dr. Planes’ dental website was locally optimized for Vero Beach and Port St. Lucie keywords to attract patients from the Treasure Coast Florida markets. We created individual pages targeting towns and cities near the brick-and-mortar location, wrote custom blogs, and back-linked these pages to the original site in order to gain domain authority on Dr. Planes’ new domain, implants4all.com. With this initiative in mind, continual SEO improvements over time ensure that he is branded as the premier dental implant center in his and the surrounding areas.

Closing 15+ Arches A Month Is Not As Hard As It Seems​

We built out two separate campaigns in Google Ads, one text based and one display based, designed to target patients shopping prices.

PPC Campaign


Example keywords:

  • All-on-4 dental implant price
  • Affordable dental implants
  • Dental implants price/cost


  • The campaign shows that treatment is all-inclusive and affordable
  • Dental implant evaluation surveys & automated emails give patients an easy way to find ballpark pricing and determine their dental implant candidacy
  • The dental implant evaluation survey on the page also allows Dr.Planes’ team an easy way to triage out unqualified leads.

Google Ads Outcome

Unique Form Fills
$ 100
Average Cost Per Lead
Monthly Average Phone Calls

We approached Dr. Planes’ social media strategy comprehensively, with a combination of organic, boosted posts, and paid ads.  Our paid ad strategy was geared towards lead generation, sending traffic to the website, and utilizing retargeting. Our targeted demographic was males and females over the age of 45 who lived within 10 miles around Dr. Planes offices. Our main CTA (call to action) was to provide potential patients with dental implant pricing and candidacy based on a digital evaluation of their current state, we also provided these potential patients with complimentary consultations.

Social media Ad Example #1

  • Ad drives traffic to the practices website
  • Uses ‘Watch More’ CTA to target potential patients looking to understand what the experience is like with this particular doctor
  • Evokes an emotional response to get patients to learn about her story and transformation
  • Ad drives traffic to the practice’s website
  • Uses ‘Watch More’ CTA to target potential patients looking to understand what the experience is like with this particular doctor
  • Evokes an emotional response to get patients to learn about her story and transformation

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Social media Ad Example #2

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Social Media Outcome

Monthly Average Leads
$ 100
Average Cost Per Lead

Ready to Get started With Progressive Dental?

Ongoing training and consulting have allowed the practice to streamline the processes from handling phone calls to presenting and closing cases. Ongoing training helps them get coaching over how to qualify patients, triage marketing patients, reduce No show, and Increase overall production.

What Are You Waiting For?​

Overall 3-Month Results

Dr. Planes went from closing 6-8 arches a month to 40 Plus arches per month. Due to his success, his marketing budget quadrupled in size and his practice is now exclusively focused on multi-implant and full arch cases. Rather than operating as a general dental practice providing a variety of services, Dr. Planes can now focus on performing the cases he loves in his dental implant center. As a result, they are dominating the Full-Arch market in their area.

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