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Leveraging AI to Close More Full Arch Cases

In this interview, sit down with Bart Knellinger, President of Progressive Dental, and Amol Nirgudkar, CEO of Patient Prism, as they discuss how to increase full-arch production by utilizing Artificial Intelligence to analyze how your team handles inbound dental implant calls. Uncover the KPIs and specific training protocols needed to increase your ability to triage and pre-qualify full-arch leads, while decreasing your no show rate!

In this webinar, you can expect to learn the tools needed to:

  • Increase the # of Full-Arch Leads
  • Schedule More Consults More Efficiently
  • Handle and Dominate Price Shoppers
  • Triage & Prequalify

It’s estimated that more than 40 million patients need at least 1 arch replaced and the demand only continues to grow. 

This webinar will provide you with an inside look on what it takes to consistently close 10+ full-arch cases per month. 


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