4 On-Page Content Tips to Attract New Dental Patients

4 On-Page Content Tips to Attract New Dental Patients

4 On-Page Content Tips to Attract New Dental Patients

Author: Dylan Hendrix🥂

If you have researched strategies to market your dental practice online, you’ve likely heard the phrase “content is king.”  This widely used slogan was originally credited to Bill Gates in 1996 when he described the future of the internet as a marketplace. Today, with the increased focus on digital marketing strategies, content has adopted a broader definition to include videos, gifs, infographics, charts, images, and so on. While novices to the field of online marketing may chase one shiny strategy after another, the digital marketing old-timers know that well-written copy or on-page content remains most regal.


Below are 4 important strategies to consider when developing webpage content for a dental website!

1. Communicating Expertise, Authority, and Trust

For dental professionals focused on influencing online search and appealing to patients researching services digitally, written content must achieve a balance of convincing and informative. Building trust with web visitors is important to drive real patients to your physical practice. As medical professionals, dentists are held to higher algorithmic standards by search engines. This is because dental services directly influence someone’s money and/or life, and therefore their wellbeing.

2. Emotionally Driven Content

When crafting content for online readers, it is important to convey emotion. Often practice owners attempt to cram a textbook of know-how into consumer-facing web pages. Although the intent here is to build expertise in a respective field, it is challenging for the reader to relate. Medically focused content is certainly engaging for other industry professionals, but these are not prospective patients! Emotionally driven content speaks directly to the user, who is likely an average patient struggling with dental discomforts. Remember to craft website copy in a relatable, easy-to-understand, and emotionally engaging tone.

3. Problem & Solution Search

Did you know that 8% of search queries are phrased as questions? When curating content for a dental specialty website, be certain to answer the questions a patient might be searching for. This does not have to be written explicitly as a Q&A although studies have proven that FAQ formatted content has an increased likelihood to rank organically.

4. Influence an Action

Informing a patient of services available is only a part of the content puzzle. Useful online copy must present a problem, then a solution while consistently influencing an action. Although facts and statistics are important to help a patient comprehend the content, a website is a conversion tool. When writing digital copy, remember to always be closing (ABC). This popular sales mentality employs persuasive headlines and call-to-action footers.

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