The Top 3 Benefits of Social Media Marketing For The Dental Industry!

The Top 3 Benefits of Social Media Marketing For The Dental Industry!

The Top 3 Benefits of Social Media Marketing For The Dental Industry!

Published: 01/31/2022
Author: Alex Wilkinson

We see or interact with social media on a daily basis - Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn - it has become part of our daily routine. Some people view social media as simply a social platform to connect with family and friends on a consistent basis. But there is a lot of POWER within these platforms to GROW and TRANSFORM your practice!

Here are a few benefits of social media marketing for your practice:

Humanize Your Brand:

Brands can oftentimes become stale and  "all business-like", appearing corporate and cold. Social Media provides you a platform to "Humanize your Brand."

What does this mean to you?

It means allowing people to see the "people behind the brand."

Office Parties? Volunteer Days? Work retreats and even the day to day culture are great to show off on Social Media platforms. Providing this "behind the scenes" look into your practices allows you to show off to any potential new patients the look, feel, and atmosphere that you and your staff strive to create everyday.

When brands work hard to showcase their culture and atmosphere to become more "human" they become more approachable and comfortable to the consumer. Consumers tend to buy and migrate to brands they feel comfortable with and who they tend feel more connected with, so have fun and become likable on social media.

Get Specific:

In the dental field sometimes you want to make sure that you are only targeting a certain group of people for a particular treatment you want to grow in.

There is no better marketing option out there when it comes to narrowing down to a specific demographic than Social Media.

Want to reach Women ages 55-65 who make $65,000 a year and live in North Carolina? We got you! Not only can we narrow it by demographics, but we can also target current patients, or other people in your community that reflect your current patients.

The options are as close to endless as you can imagine when it comes to marketing on Social Media.

Here at Progressive Dental our social media marketing experts will be happy to assist you in developing the best ‘full circle’ strategies to make sure you get the exact patients you're looking for.

Expand your Network:

Advertising isn't the only way to attract new potential patients when it comes to Social Media.

Who doesn't want to acquire new patients without spending a dime, right!

Every platform under the Social Media umbrella allows for engagement, whether that's comments, likes, or shares.  These actions are crucial when it comes to your brand's exposure.

With millions of people on these platforms daily - it is a quick way to reach new people outside of your current network! Remember content is king! BUT, just putting content on your pages that isn't effective isn't going to do the trick (look back at point number 1, see how it all comes full circle). What you put out on Social Media has to have value and create a feeling in the view to make the action of liking, commenting, and sharing.

Remember the more people "like" and "share" your content the more new people will reach your brand! Another way to get your content in front of more people is to use hashtags that are relevant to your industry and business culture.

Again it is called SOCIAL Media not just Media, so be sure when people are engaging with your content, you engage back!

Social Media Marketing provides you with scope and flexibility to expand your current network, humanize your brand and narrow in on the patients that you wish to reach. These platforms are current, fast-paced and most of all...they are fun!

Are you looking for a Social Media partner? Please reach out to us at Progressive Dental Marketing and our talented Social Media Experts will craft a Social Media Campaign to fit your needs and reach your goals to transform more and more lives!

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