Why Aren’t My Dental Implant Marketing Ads Showing?

Why Aren’t My Dental Implant Marketing Ads Showing?

Why Aren’t My Dental Implant Marketing Ads Showing?

Author: Shelley Glime

You recently started your Google Ads campaign and want to ensure your dental implant marketing ads are running, so you start typing a few keywords into Google to see them.

… best dental implant doctor…

… full arch dental implants…

You only see your ad once, maybe twice. You start to wonder: Why are they only showing up occasionally? So later in the day you ask your staff to Google other full arch marketing keywords to see how often an ad displays … and suddenly you do not see any of them at all!

So why aren’t the ads marketing your dental implant practice showing? Here are the top 4 reasons why:

1. Google Views the Ad as Irrelevant

Google’s main goal is to provide the searcher with the most relevant information possible. For example, if you type full arch dental implants into Google and never click on one of the ads, Google views them as irrelevant and will serve new ads. (Please never click on your ads - We do pay per click!)

2. Limited by budget

Your campaign may be limited by budget.  A daily budget is set based on your monthly budget. Google attempts to spread your budget throughout the day; however, some days may experience an influx in traffic during a specific time frame. At that point, your budget may have already been exhausted.  Don’t worry your ads will restart the next day.

3. Ad Schedule

To maximize your budget, our team may have created a schedule to ensure your ads have the highest budget when your conversion rate is at its highest. If you search for your ads during this time, you will not see them and that is okay.  Keep in mind, our main goal is conversions, not impressions or clicks.

4. Outside Targeted Radius

The campaign is set to target specific zip codes or radii around your practice.  If you are outside the targeted area the ad will not display.

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