The 7 Most Important Pages on Your Dental Website

The 7 Most Important Pages on Your Dental Website

The 7 Most Important Pages on Your Dental Website

A website is the online home for your dental practice. It enables you to market to prospective patients, provide valuable information, give people a way to reach you, and provide access to patient forms. There are some web pages that are more commonly visited than others on a dental website. Be sure to keep these pages up to date with all the latest and most important information about your practice. Have you recently acquired a new technology or has a new doctor joined the practice? Information such as this may be what some of your website visitors want to know.

Here are the seven most important pages on your website, based on visit frequency and other factors:

1. Home

It’s important to establish the look and feel of your practice with a statement of your philosophy and mission, your main treatments/services, and an overview of your doctors. Your home page is a good place to do this. Also, if you have any special offers or promotions, feature them here.

2. Why Choose Us/About Us

This is the page where you can highlight all of your distinguishing features, many of which may be mentioned individually on other pages. It’s a sort of “best of” page. Information to highlight includes how many years your practice has been in business, how long you’ve been practicing, any advanced technology you have, number of locations, in-house specialties, extended hours, and amenities. The idea is to frame your practice as the only one to choose.

3. Doctor Bios

Be sure to provide the names, educational credentials, certifications, awards or acknowledgments, and qualifications of all doctors who are part of your practice. Patients might be looking for a certain specialty, certification, or type of training.

4. Contact Us

Your primary phone number should be listed at the top of every page on your site, including a button that will navigate to the Contact Us page. Does your practice have multiple locations? Include their individual addresses and phone numbers on this page. An email address allows visitors to submit a question anytime. You can also use this page to provide maps and hours of operation.

5. Pricing/Payment/Financing Options

People will always want to know what their care will cost, whether or not you accept their insurance, and if there are ways to finance treatments that are not covered by insurance. Avoid the smoke and mirrors and have a pricing and affordability page on your sitemap for easy accessibility.

6. About Dental Implants

Dental implants are commonly searched on the internet, and if you offer them, you know how important dental implant marketing is to a practice. They’re one of today’s top revenue-generating services. Be sure to explain what type of implants you use, whether you place and/or restore, how many (meaning from a single implant to full arch implants), what to expect from the process, and whether or not you use a guided system, which makes for more precise placement.

7. Emergency Dentistry

Will you be there when they need you? Tell patients up front how to reach you in an emergency and what treatments you can provide on an emergency basis.

Our dental marketing and consulting firm can help you optimize or create these pages on your current site or build you an entirely new site from scratch to ensure prospects and patients are finding what they’re looking for. We’re the demonstrated experts in helping dental practices achieve greater success. Discover how we can customize a web solution for you by calling our practice growth specialists now at 727-286-6211.

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