Is There a Vaccine to Ensure Campaign Success?

Is There a Vaccine to Ensure Campaign Success?

Is There a Vaccine to Ensure Campaign Success?

Author: Marit Spisany

You’d be hard pressed to find a person who isn’t looking forward to the world returning to “normal” (whatever that means).  The pandemic has put our lives on hold and changed how we looked at everything around us.  In an unprecedented way, so many things were impacted, and that includes the media landscape.

In the early days of the virus, we were looking for ways to fill our time, and as the virus lingered, desperation for socialization, information, laughter and entertainment became a necessity.  With all that, advertisers had to figure out how and where to reach audiences and most importantly, pivot their messaging to be empathetic.

Progressive Dental has always had an excellent grasp on what works and what doesn’t when it comes to advertising for our clients.  However, there is nothing like a worldwide pandemic to toss you around, shake you up and drop you on your head and make you relearn everything you thought you knew.

The upside?  Progressive Dental used this opportunity to learn new tricks, to rethink how and where people consume media and what the best avenues are to market to people in this new environment.  Here are 3 things we learned:


Traditional media as a whole took a big hit when the pandemic swept the world.  All of the regular forms of media consumption were changed by the fact that most people were working from home.  Initially, the lack of commuting had a devastating impact on radio and outdoor (billboard) advertising.  With offices closed and employees working from home, the concept of “drive time” for radio or impressions for outdoor advertising went out the window along with commute. The good news is that a year into the pandemic, the number of radio listeners is steadily climbing back up and currently reaches 97% of what it was pre-pandemic, per recent data from Nielsen.  The radio industry is expected to be back to pre-pandemic performance by 2022.  As for billboards?  With increased vaccinations and states re-opening, more and more people will be on the roadways returning to their offices and travelling.  Billboards will once again be a viable advertising vehicle, but once again closer to 2022.


Americans are currently spending nearly equal time consuming content on TV and their mobile devicesDigital marketing is more accessible than ever. Online ads are engaging, affordable, and targeted.  Our team of digital experts knows how to harness granular audience targeting capabilities, making it possible to reach patients based on gender, location, hobbies and interests, profession, marital status, and more!  Target who you want, where you want, and when you want all while being able to track activity in real time to ensure ROI! The best-case scenario is pairing traditional marketing and digital marketing to close the loop on reaching consumers everywhere they are.


There are a zillion ways to reach consumers with a marketing message, but broadcast television reaches 99% of homes and due to the pandemic, according to Forbes Magazine, TV jumped by a considerable 8.3 million U.S. viewers in 2020, ending a 9-year dip.  At Progressive Dental, we target viewers by age group, specific programs and times.  Between the demographic targeting and reach capabilities, TV is the most powerful medium to run a carefully crafted commercial.  Markets and stations are researched and schedules are optimized to ensure the greatest ROI. We track calls and constantly monitor our client’s campaigns to ensure success.

At the end of the day, we strive to create a custom marketing mix for our client’s based on location, budget and goals!

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