4 Reasons Dentists Should Embrace Digital Marketing

4 Reasons Dentists Should Embrace Digital Marketing

4 Reasons Dentists Should Embrace Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has mushroomed in recent years for a number of compelling reasons. One is the ubiquity of internet-connected devices. Everyone has not just one, but several of them. Another is the capabilities it has that other marketing media don’t. It also has unique budgetary benefits. Businesses of all kinds are harnessing these to their advantage. Dentists can and should do the same. If you don’t, here’s what you’re missing:

1. Profitability

Anyone who has ever purchased billboard space or airtime on TV or radio, or who has developed custom print collateral knows that marketing can be expensive. You have to spend money to make money, right? But you don’t have to spend so much of it. Some forms of digital marketing cost little to nothing. SEO (search engine optimization) simply means making your website likely to be found during online search. Social media marketing costs are also relatively low compared to some other methods. You can spend less money on digital marketing, resulting in a better ROI.

2. Measurability

Since it’s computer-based, digital marketing enables you to learn how many eyeballs are seeing your marketing, and where those eyeballs are located. While an outdoor marketing company can estimate “impressions,” or how many people see your billboard, it’s only an estimate. It can change. How many people will drive past your billboard on a workday is different than on a holiday. Digital marketing works 24/7/365. Google Ads is one popular platform for gaining statistics on your digital efforts.

3. Targetability

With digital marketing you’re able to choose who sees your content based on exactly where they are. Want only people in Tulsa to see your Facebook ad? You can control that. Between targetability and measurability, digital marketing is really a superior approach. It offers unparalleled access to your intended audience.

4. Visibility

If you send a direct mail print piece to everyone in town, the recipients may or may not be looking for your dentistry specialty. But with SEO and pay per click ads (PPC), the people who find your website specifically are looking for a specialist of your type, or a dentist that offers a specific type of treatment or service. They’re looking for you!

Look to the Digital Marketing Experts

Our dental marketing and consulting firm has a team of dedicated professionals with proven results in digital marketing. We can enhance your existing efforts or completely customize a digital marketing plan for you from scratch. Don’t navigate the digital marketing world on your own. Let our practice growth specialists guide you. Call 727-286-6211 today.

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