Fishing For The Ultimate Patient Testimonial For Dental Marketing!

Fishing For The Ultimate Patient Testimonial For Dental Marketing!

Fishing For The Ultimate Patient Testimonial For Dental Marketing!

Published: 11/19/2021
Author: Sebastian Ruiz

Shoot after shoot - I've encountered quite the stories. Stories that are compelling, that can grasp someone's attention from start to finish. However, there are more bland stories than epic ones. Hopefully with this blog, our clients can learn how to "fish for the right patient testimonials"!

How Do You Find The Right Patient For A Patient Testimonial?

You see, I either say hunt or fish because when you're in search of a good story it requires probably the exact amount of patience and determination as it is when hunting or fishing. The "big fish" would be the story or testimonial that can be delivered beautifully in a nice pace and like I mentioned earlier grasp your attention from start to finish. We understand that doctors are very busy, but it should never ever be an excuse to not being able to schedule the right type of patient for us to shoot their testimonial. Sometimes with some guidance and hopefully after reading this, you and your team at your practice can join forces to be able to "fish those big fish for us"

As you know by now the type of packages we offer vary when it comes to patient testimonials and patient experiences, by now you probably understand what the difference is between both of them but I can put it in simple words for you.

Patient Testimonials:

A patient testimonial is pretty much a live storytelling video of a life changing procedure that a patient underwent. Normally our videos after being edited can last between 2.5 minutes to a rough 3 minutes (we keep it short and sweet)

Patient Experiences:

A patient experience is pretty much the same thing but on a more intimate level, we go and shoot out of the office and get to know the patient a little more. The final result should be between 3 minutes and 4 minutes of compelling life changing stories.

Now it's time to talk about the things you should consider and definitely not consider when fishing those patients for us by giving you an overview on the different types of dental patients!

The Types Of Patients You Get In Patient Testimonials

The Diva:

Someone who's always worried about how they look and asking, "can you show me the pictures please?" "eww I dont like it" " can you make me look skinny?" type of person. Watch out for these, they will drag us in time and we will have difficulties getting the story.

The Talker:

Someone who of course TALKS TOO MUCH you can tell who they are, they typically go out of tangent when giving us a story. Normally the older gentlemen and women tend to be talkers, it's not bad we can work through this. Just make note that it will also drag the shoot longer.

The Nervous Looker:

This person is constantly looking all over the place, sweating profusely, looking at the camera when they’re not supposed to, they can’t get their thoughts right. These are easy to identify from the moment you call them by their soft shy tone and personality. Stay away from these regardless of how epic their story is because getting the story out of them will be a nightmare and might scar them.

The Short Responder:

These are tough, they respond with short words, short answers, very blunt in their answers. Example if we asked "so how did this procedure change you?" they would say something like "ehh, good, nothing really changed, I'm still the same" or "no change really, I just have a new smile" no value or no sentiment at all in their answers.

The Fast Talker:

The title says it you can tell who it is from the moment you call them. We can just remind them to talk a bit slower on camera.


Our favorite type of patient! This is someone who is positive, full of energy, and who clearly shows a positive impact on whatever he/she got done. On top of that, they are typically well spoken!

The Busy Businessman/woman:

We've had shoots where we only have 15 minutes with patients because of how busy they are... please communicate how important this is for you so only schedule them in if they open up their schedule for this with at least 45 minutes of time!  Rushing results with a video that is not captivating because there wasn’t enough time to capture the small, emotionally captivating details that make a testimonial a success.

All In Consideration!

All these things need to be taken into consideration, yes it takes time but luckily our clients see thousands of patients, it is impossible to say that each one of our clients can't find the right type of patient, it’s a matter of patience and analyzing how they look, how they talk, their availability, and of course their story. Normally full arches make a great story!

This article is to help our clients prepare before their shoot but don’t stress. We will always work with whatever you can find. At the end of the day we are confident in what we do, but if you happen to take your time in finding us these big fish then I can guarantee you a higher success rate in general with all of what we provide!

Dr. Stamm Smiling With A Happy And Satisfied Dental Patient


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