How to Increase Full Arch Dental Implant Conversions with Video Testimonials

Before we begin, put yourself in the shoes of a patient with failing dentition. Imagine their daily struggles and emotional stress. Then, take a moment (about two minutes) to watch the video testimonial above.

Even if you haven’t experienced similar dental issues, didn’t you feel somehow connected to this patient and his story? Do you have a better understanding of how his experience went at Dr. Andrew Ferrier’s practice and what you could expect if you wanted the same? Video testimonials are a powerful dental implant marketing and educational tool that connects you (the doctor or practice) with the viewer through a positive, genuine patient experience.

Now Is the Time to Invest in Video Marketing

In the last 10 years, the digital landscape has changed significantly. Not only do 72 percent of consumers prefer to watch a video over reading text when learning about a service * but now with YouTube as the second largest search engine, they’re searching for them, too. Used across multiple platforms, a single full-arch video testimonial can be used on your website, through social media and as part of a PPC (pay-per-click) campaign, among other marketing outlets.

Over half of marketers polled considered customer testimonials, and similar resources like tutorials, as the most effective types of video content used today. So, we know potential full-arch patients value video testimonials, but how effective are they in converting patients? Well, with one minute of video equivalent to  1.8 million words, you can say a lot using only a moment of their time. We can also process visuals 60,000 times faster than text, meaning potential patients will be more likely to comprehend and remember it, too. After using the techniques presented below, you’ll be able to emotionally connect with potential patients and convert them in just a few minutes.

Overcome Fear with Authenticity

Before deciding to receive treatment, the service they want and the doctor they want to receive it from, patients in need of full-arch dental implant treatment must overcome one huge first step – fear.

Video testimonials negate these concerns in a few short and emotional minutes. Connecting with the potential patient’s humanity is key to most healthcare marketing strategies, full-arch dental implants, especially. Doctors’ credentials are quantifiable, how many years of experience they have or the number of study clubs they are a part of – but their chairside manner, the life-altering results they provide and their patient experience, are equally as important to someone about to commit to full-arch dental implant treatment. An authentic testimonial that brings a real patient’s treatment experience to life brings truth and trust to the doctor and eliminates fear.

Your Full-Arch Video Testimonial Checklist

Not sure where to begin? Here’s a pack of essentials to craft a full-arch dental implant video testimonial that will get you leads:

  • Empathy:
    • Make viewers say, “That’s exactly what I’m experiencing!” or “I’m worried about that, too.” Address their concerns head-on by having another patient dissolve their fear. Eventually, they’ll say, “I want what they have.”
  • Before and Afters:
    • Real before and after full-arch dental implant pictures are not only compelling for the viewer but helpful for the patient you’re interviewing. After looking at an old image of themselves they’ll be taken back to a period where they didn’t have their complete smile, truly capturing how your treatment changed their lives.
  • Details:
    • Avoid generalized positive reviews of you or your practice. Imagine each video testimonial telling the entire dental implant story from extractions to restorations. Potential patients will be able to trust you and your experience, even if the story told isn’t their exact situation.
  • Memorable:
    • When choosing the patients for your testimonials, make sure to cover both common and complicated full-arch cases, but above all else, make sure it’s a compelling one. Captivating stories will help viewers remember you when they’re ready to decide who should place their dental implants.
  • Competitive Advantages:
    • What makes you better than another clinician who places implants? Your unique advantage and added value should shine through each testimonial.
  • Capturing the Right Angle
    • Before you begin, understand why the patients you interview needed a full-arch solution and how this issue has affected their lives. What event made them decide it needed to be done? Was it their daughter’s upcoming wedding? Did something happen when they were eating dinner in public? Did someone make a comment?

Understanding a patient’s backstory is essential. Being able to share it in the video provides context and more authenticity to the piece. It’s also something you can talk about before the camera starts rolling to make them more comfortable. You want the interview to be conversational, not curt. Starting off by asking about their daughter’s honeymoon destination can relax the patient and get them excited to really share their story.

Wondering about actual camera angles? Although best done by a professional, close-ups that take in the patient’s smile and real footage of the patient/doctor interaction are essential. Still not sure where to begin? We can help.

Setting Your Stage for Success

At Progressive Dental Marketing, our professional video team will visit your office and work with you to craft moving dental video testimonials that increase your full-arch dental implant conversion. Highly experienced, our videographers take an innovative approach to filming each piece and know just the right questions to ask a patient to get them talking about their experiences. These can then be added to your website and support numerous marketing campaigns in the future. But the fun doesn’t stop there. After we leave, you become the director. Whether using our video package (filled with the equipment and the training you need) your own camera, or even an iPhone, you can continue capturing critical moments in each step of a patient’s experience like the first time they see their new smile.

Ready to Start Rolling?

Give us a call at 727-286-6211 to learn more about full-arch video testimonials, video-integrated dental websites and how you can use quality video content in your next full-arch dental implant marketing campaign.

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