How Neglecting Single Implants is Killing Your Full Arch Production

How Neglecting Single Implants is Killing Your Full Arch Production

How Neglecting Single Implants is Killing Your Full Arch Production

Author: Shelley Glime

Our goal, at Progressive Dental, is to boost our client’s revenue by increasing the number of full arch cases. But have you ever wondered what most people search for in order to find a doctor & move forward with their full arch treatment? I’m sure other advertising companies have told you that the majority of leads come from cost focused keywords, but have they gone the extra step to determine what most patients search that truly become a FULL ARCH CASE? We put in the research, compared the data, and found the answer!

But How?

One of the most important systems to have in place, before you ever begin marketing, is a way to track, monitor, and monetize the leads that come in. What good is marketing if you can’t tell whether or not it is working…? Progressive Dental’s clients are equipped with a lead management platform that houses patient inquiries through forms and phone calls. This ultimately helps determine the success of the marketing as well as the ability for your practice to effectively close cases once they come through your door. Our digital marketing experts analyzed months of data from some of our top performing clients and compared it with the data in their Google Ads Campaigns. The results were surprising.

The Results

We determined that over half of our doctors’ full arch cases came from single implant cost keywords! For example; dental implant cost, affordable dental implant, and dental implant pricing.

This proves that although a patient may be ready to move forward with treatment, they may not be very specific with their Google Search. Whether it is from lack of information about what they need, or failure to receive a comprehensive treatment plan. It also means that when marketing for full arch cases, it can be helpful to remain inclusive on what treatment options are available. This is why our marketing team has seen so much success in landing pages with multiple implant options on the page (singles, implant dentures, & full arch).

Dental Implant Revenue Chart, Showing 53.8% Of Single Implant Cost, 23.7% Of Non-Cost, 10.8% Of Full Arch Cost, and 11.8% Of Non Cost

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