Do Social Media Ads Work?

Do Social Media Ads Work?

Do Social Media Ads Work?

Published: 04/22/2022
Author: Christopher Sandel

One of the biggest questions in digital marketing, especially in the dental marketing sector, is do Social Media ads really work?

This question is one that we receiver here at Progressive Dental on a weekly, if not daily basis.  Now, I could direct you to multiple case studies that we have created to show you that YES! Social Media ads work, but that would be too easy, and I want to explain why under some conditions Social Media ads don’t work and how Social Media ads do work.

How Social Media Ads Don’t Work

  1. If you’re looking to promote your Dental Practice by only using before and after photos, then Social Media Ads will not and cannot work.  Before and After images are not allowed with Social Media advertising and will be rejected when you try to run them.
  2. Prompting that your practice is the best because you are the best… this doesn’t work on Social Medica because EVERYBODY does it.  Every dentist thinks they are the best and promotes themself as the best (because hey, that’s marketing).  No matter what language or imagery or video you use there is no separating yourself and you will blend in with the premiers, excellences, prestigious, and boutiques.
  3. Not using customized imagery or videos.  Stock photos and videos do have value and can work on Social Media, but over time the ads will diminish and there is no revival.  If your Social Media ads are not working, stock content could be the reason why.
A dental social media ad on a computer

How Social Media Ads Do Work

  1. Pricing!! 90% of the American public shop and buy items based on price and price alone.  We as Americans are price shoppers.  If you can provide a treatment that is of higher quality and is equally or less expensive than any other local dental offices, PROMOTE IT! The more you can get it out that you provide a better service at an equal or cheap rate, I guarantee you that you will be flooded with leads.  Don’t be scared to talk about price either.  Nowadays, price typically will be, and should be discussed. The internet has changed how we humans and Americans buy anything even medical treatments.
  2. Targeting people who have visited your site AND any location.  With Geobased targeting Social Media allows us to show ads to anybody who lives in a certain area but also who have visited a certain area. The ability to target somebody who has been in and out of a location is crucial when you are marketing second opinions OR as we discussed above, a less expensive better-quality treatment.  GeoFencing, as it is called, gives us the ability to put an ad right in front of people actively going to consults for the treatment at competitor locations.  As it pertains to the website, we can place a cookie on the site and run ads to people who visit your website and even more people who visit specific pages of your site. Remember that item you looked at one time on Amazon and now it won’t go away, we can do the same thing.
  3. Branding.  Getting your name out to the local community has never been easier and cheaper than with Social Media ads.  If you want people to know you have a new location, then Social Media is your best bet.  Branding ads generate a large number of views, clicks, and website visits.  We have run campaigns that have literally tripled the number of visitors to their website and doubled the number of form submissions.
  4. Generating leads with a very specific interest.  The amount of detailed targeting on Facebook (even though it has recently been reduced) is mind-boggling. The number of specifics you can use and narrow down on means you can be EXTREMELY specific with your advertising and who is seeing your advertising.

Now the above reasons just scratch the surface of how Social Media ads can and can’t work.  And I think we can both agree that after reading the above, Social Media ads DO and CAN work for YOU! We here at Progressive Dental are aggressive in our Dental Marketing and have seen literally everything in the field. With the culmination of 13 years of dental marketing experience we can confidently say that we benefit our clients by knowing marketing, the dental field, AND how to close treatments.  If you are looking to take your practice to the next level, then give us a call and talk to one of our marketing professionals today!

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