The Importance of Videography In Your Dental Marketing Campaign!

The Importance of Videography In Your Dental Marketing Campaign!

The Importance of Videography In Your Dental Marketing Campaign!

Published: 05/06/2022
Author: Carolyn Baldwin

We are living in an age where the consumer is constantly confronted with information. There is so much information at our disposal that catching an eye and earning trust is harder than ever in the medical field. So, how can we as marketers not only successfully draw in consumer attention, but keep it long enough for them to take the next steps?

The average person’s attention span is right around 8 seconds; that’s not very much time to hook your audience. Effective visual media can be a very powerful tool in engaging with the intended audience. It has been scientifically shown that the human brain processes video about 60,000 times faster than text. The chance of drawing in a potential customer is much higher if focus on the more laid back tendencies of processing information.

Video is a sharable and efficient way for both the company being advertised and the consumer to spread information over multiple platforms. Facebook and YouTube are currently the two most visited social media sites, and both rely heavily on visual media. But, a video alone won’t necessarily win over consumers if it isn't crafted well.

Keys To Making Compelling Video

  • Is it aesthetically pleasing? Lighting, wardrobe, the technique behind the camera… it all plays a role in how the viewer will respond to the content being presented. A professionally shot video will inadvertently make the subject look more professional as well.
  • Are the speakers and topics emotionally engaging? This is where that short attention span really comes into play. Boring delivery will get the viewer to click away, fast. Dentistry can also be a frightening subject for many people, so the more personable the speaker comes off as, the more at ease the viewer will be. 
  • Is there a clear and strong message? The viewer chose to click on that video for a reason, a successful video will stay on topic and choose to focus on only relevant things to what is being discussed.

All right, now we have a beautifully shot and interesting video. Now what? Having a knowledgeable marketing company like Progressive Dental behind a campaign will significantly increase the chance of said campaign’s success. We have proven that strategy, rather than throwing everything out at once, yields the best results. Let us help you produce the highest quality work, and let the results speak for themselves!

The Power Of Custom Photography In Dental Marketing

A photograph can make us cry, make us laugh, inspire us to change ourselves and our communities. In marketing, we can harness this power and apply it to our advertising. As a dental practice, you have the opportunity to truly change lives. That is something to be celebrated and showcased! An image is a great way to do that without having to say a word. Here is why custom photography should become a priority to your practice.

Stock photography can be a great tool for aesthetically boosting a brand, but not so great for representing who you and your practice truly are. Including professionally shot photos of your office, patient interactions, procedures, and anything else that may represent your office culture can increase trust in the legitimacy of your practice. Seeing nothing but purchased imagery may make a customer think, “What are they trying to hide?”.

Have you ever seen “before and after” photos and thought, “How could this possibly turn into that?” A reaction at that level speaks much louder than a paragraph of text ever could. As they say, the proof is in the pudding. Every patient who walks through the door should be photographed before their mouths are worked on, not only for the sake of marketing, but also for the patient. Once finished with treatment, seeing a visual of where you began can be extremely powerful. I have seen this surge in emotion many times while looking over Progressive Dental’s patient testimonial videos. 

A quick iPhone snapshot is not always the way to go when photographing for your practice. What may work for Instagram, won’t necessarily present well on your website or in ads. A well shot photograph will have the following qualities:

  • Lighting is clear and bright
  • It’s not too clinical - don’t gross out or scare the viewer
  • Thoughtful framing
  • Uncluttered composition

You put in the incredible work to transform someone’s smile, it’s time to let the world see that hard work so that you can reach more people in need. Invest in your brand and you will quickly see the results!

Choosing The Right Marketing Company

a dental patient smiling during an xray procedure

We are proud to say that we are the experts in increasing full-arch case acceptance due to the culmination of experience that we have learned within the last 13 years of working with the top full-arch doctors in the country! We understand the psychology of the patient and this is the reason why our videography and photography team captures the best assets for your website and marketing.

With our help, our clients’ marketing turns eyes into leads. Progressive Dental Marketing has helped hundreds of dental practices scale predictably and it all starts with your custom assets; video and photography that is captivating. Making sure your marketing company understands your industry, the psychology of the patient, best marketing tactics, and best sales strategies to close the leads that come in is key to growing your practice. We coach our doctors to provide the best patient experience, from the marketing to lead management to closing the case.

Try out these communication techniques and attend one of our Closing Institute Business Courses to see how your dental practice will grow! We could all benefit from practicing more effective communication. At all levels, it will benefit the culture of your practice and output of your product if delivery of information can be mastered. At Progressive, we adopt the same culture to achieve incredible outcomes.

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