How To Get The Most Out Of Your Video Shoots!

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Video Shoots!

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Video Shoots!

Published: 05/13/2022
Author: Carolyn Baldwin

So, you’ve decided to expand your marketing into the realm of video. You’re one step closer to increasing your client base in a big way! Now that you’ve picked the perfect video package here at Progressive Dental, we have a few pointers for how you can make the most of your video shoot.

Have A Vision

writing a plan out for a new video idea

Who are you trying to reach with your videos? People who have dental anxiety and avoid getting work done? People who are looking for extensive or specialized procedures? Or perhaps you’re trying to appeal to the average income family who has a variety of dental needs? Adjust your language according to who you think your audience is. If you need help figuring out who that audience is, Progressive can help you with that too!

All of these things should be factored into how you present yourself, and the topics that you discuss. Really think about what your goals are for these videos and express those thoughts to the video team in the pre-planning stage.

Practice Makes Perfect

It’s always better to have an idea of what you’re going to say before the camera starts rolling. We will help you come up with the topics to discuss, you just need to bring your expertise to flesh out those topics on camera. 

The more prepared that you are, the less nervous that you’ll be. Practice lines in front of the mirror or record yourself on your smartphone before doing the real thing. Your internal confidence level will show externally, so do some things leading up to shoot day that you know will put you at ease.

Be Prepared

First off, cleanliness! A clean office, uncluttered countertops, pressed clothing… the quality of your video will increase if your attention to detail does too. Especially in a medical setting, cleanliness makes your practice feel a lot more trustworthy to viewers. Be sure to remove any festive decorations around the office so that your videos can be viewed year round. Make sure you and your staff look sharp, maybe treat yourself to a spa day and manicure for the close ups that our team will be capturing.

Most importantly, have clarity on what to expect. If you have any doubts or questions about your big day, we are always here to help. Thoroughly read over your shoot schedule so you know what will be expected of you, your patients, and your staff. Know what to wear and any props that you may want to use. The less time worrying about those things at the moment, the more time you’ll have to get lots of great footage!

Communicate Clearly

When working with a marketing company, like Progressive Dental, it’s always good to make sure that you are on the same page as far as expectations with the video team leaders. Do you have questions, fears, or requests for the day of shooting? Perhaps you are looking for a specific look or feel from the setup? All these things should be discussed well ahead of time so that both the videographers and your office feel ready to roll on the big day.

That communication also extends to the office level. If your package includes patient testimonials, clear directions and coordination with them is vital to having a successful shoot with great content. The nerves and reliability of your patients can be put in check if they feel confident on what to expect. If any of your staff are going to be on camera, make sure they’re clear on what is required of them as well. The goal is to not rush filming due to unexpected snags.

Have Fun!

We are proud to say that Progressive Dental Marketing creates award winning videos! We don’t outsource our video team, but instead have an inhouse team of videographers. Our team divides their time between traveling nationally, and working tirelessly editing the footage to create the perfect content. We invest in an inhouse team of videographers in order to provide the best content to our clients. Our team makes sure to stay ahead of the dental industry, be the most innovative, and have top of the line equipment to create content that is proven to convert into new leads.

This is a very exciting opportunity to reach out to your audience and show them who you and your practice are! Our experienced video crew will be right there with you to ensure that your shoot runs smoothly. You love what you do, so definitely try to show that to your viewership. You’ve put in all of the time and effort to get to where you are in your practice today, you deserve to show the world what you can offer.

Try out these video techniques and attend one of our Closing Institute Business Courses to see how your dental practice will grow! We could all benefit from practicing more effective communication. At all levels, it will benefit the culture of your practice and output of your product if delivery of information can be mastered. At Progressive, we adopt the same culture to achieve incredible outcomes.

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