The Dental Practice Rules For Social Media!

The Dental Practice Rules For Social Media!

The Dental Practice Rules For Social Media!

Published: 03/07/2022
Author: Christopher Sandel

Are You On Social Media?

It is now the year 2022 and if you haven’t heard of Social Media Dental Marketing, you must live under a rock. Nowadays Social Media has become a central component in the life of just about every human on Earth, whether it is for worse or better. We have seen celebrities, TV shows, politicians, and even local businesses rise and fall because of Social Media.

The ability to raise an opinion on just about anything in the world and have it viewed and rallied behind by anybody has become the fear and love of everybody on Social Media. So rule #1, make sure you have an account on as many Social Media platforms as you feel comfortable with!

Are You Using Your Social Media?

Yes, the idea of being on Social Media can strike fear into even the strongest of hearts but it has become a necessity. With the world moving towards mobile first, the best way to be in front of and accessible to your audience is through Social Media. My grandmother is 89 years old, in a retirement community, and she uses her phone to scroll through Facebook and look up local companies before calling them.

Age doesn't matter anymore, EVERYBODY is on Social Media and they ARE using it. If you are not on Social Media, you are missing out on patients that can be easily finding and calling you. Now just being present on Social Media isn’t enough anymore. Your activity and engagements on Social Media can sway a potential patient to either come in or avoid you like the plague. So rule #2, always be active on Social Media!

How Are You Using Your Social Media?

Being active on Social Media has its perks. You can provide information in real time that is impactful to your audience. If the office is closed due to a freak ice storm or the water main busted and your office is closed for 2 weeks, then posting on Social Media is a quick and easy way to convey this information instead of having your phone ring over and over and over again until the patient feels like they are missed.

Social media is also the easiest way to communicate and relay information to your current patient base as well as potential new patients. Added new technology? Make a post on Social media. Got a new certification? Post it on Social Media. Had an amazing day with some awesome patients today? Post it on Social Media. The more real and down to earth you are on Social Media, the more your audience will react and increase overall. But what if you have a small following and posting seems pointless? Rule #3 Advertising has never been easier or more accessible than through Social Media! 

How Are You Advertising Using Your Social Media?

Ads on Social Media have become one of the easiest, cheapest, and most effective forms of advertising of the 21st century. Now running ads on Social Media can range from very complex to super simple, and it all depends on your sweat equity and overall desired outcome. If you want to run an ad to every person that walks into the door of your top competitor because you have better technology and pricing, it can be done on Social Media. If you just want to blast every person who lives within 3 miles of your practice because you’re having an open house with free food, it can be done on Social Media. Only want to target your current patients for a new internal savings plan (you guessed it) it can be done on Social Media!

The amount of people on Social Media will shock you and the effectiveness of advertising on Social Media will create the same sensation. Now with every good comes some bad. Keep in mind that everybody is on Social Media, and remember that everybody has their own opinion when it comes to literally everything on Social Media. When you advertise on Social Media, you are opening yourself and your practice up to the world and all its opinions. Yes, there are people out there who have the time to negatively comment, dislike, and angry face react to your advertisements. It’s just the way the world (and Social Media) works this day in age. But remember, every comment is a way for you to engage and make sure the correct viewpoint of your brand is being seen and heard. Rule #4; if it seems daunting, find a reliable partner! 

So, what does all of this mean? It means, get out there on Social Media! Open yourself up to your local community and become found by people who are looking for you! Engage with your patients more than just twice a year when they come in for cleanings. Provide an outlet for your brand to have a face and voice. Welcome Social Media with open arms and embrace its ability to usher you into the modern age with the ability to gain patients with doing no more than just staying relevant.

Social Media isn’t for you or seems “too much,” then Progressive Dental should be your number one choice as a partner! We have a team of Social Media experts that know the ins and outs of how the platforms work and the intricacies of their algorithms. Another added benefit of working with Progressive Dental’s Social Media teams, is that we work directly with experts from Facebook to make sure that every client is compliant, successful, and up to date with Facebook’s standards/updates. Ready to jump head first into the advertising of today?

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