5 Ways Social Media Can Grow Your Patient Base

5 Ways Social Media Can Grow Your Patient Base

5 Ways Social Media Can Grow Your Patient Base

It seems as if everyone is active on some form of social media these days. There are platforms that appeal to every demographic and interest. There’s something for everyone. That’s why it’s critical for every dentist to use social media to attract new patients. Practically all of your prospects are using it! What’s more, there are ways to ensure your social media presence reaches the right audience and makes a strong impression. It’s a timely, effective marketing tool. Success begins with a strong profile and can increase with regular, engaging posts. These are some of the most important practices to follow for your social media strategy:

1. Put Yourself in Your Place

When you create a profile for your business, put it where people expect to see it. On Facebook, for example, you pick a category for your business. Dentistry falls under the Medical & Health Category. You’ll select that upon signup and can add your specialty later, if applicable. If so, it’s highly recommended.

2. Tell Them About You

First and foremost, give complete and accurate contact information for your business. Make it as easy as possible to find you in the real world. Then create a concise but powerful biography which summarizes your philosophy and key differentiating factors. Extended hours? New technology in your office? Be sure to highlight them. Also include photos of key staff members with which patients will interact. People can build a stronger connection with a face they recognize. And be sure to incorporate your logo. This may be the first place patients will experience your brand.

3. Post Early and Often

The point of social media is ongoing engagement. There’s nothing that sends prospective patients away like a social media profile that hasn’t published a new post in 18 months. Make sure to keep patients abreast of anything new. Opening a second location? Post about it. Doing community outreach, a charity event or a food drive? Create a post. In addition, post about anything you do that supports your philosophy or mission as a dentist.

4. Offer Variety, the Spice of Social

Don’t just publish text posts, unless you’re using Twitter. Robust platforms like Facebook allow you to post videos and photos as well. Use all of these individually and in different combinations. A patient perusing your page will find it more engaging if the content is varied.

5.Stay on Target

Facebook and other social media platforms enable you to place ads that are highly targeted to a specific location or many other criteria. Do you really need people in San Francisco to see an ad for your Fayetteville location? Probably not. Serve it up to the people who are likely to be looking for a dentist in Fayetteville, for example.

Need Help with Your Social Media Plan?

Our dental marketing and consulting firm has social media specialists who can guide you as part of a full staff of marketing professionals. All are dedicated to expanding your patient base for you while you’re focusing on providing the highest quality of care to existing patients. We’ve already done this for many successful practices. Why not see what we can do for yours? Call our practice growth specialists at 727-286-6211 today.

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