Start 2022 Off Right, Marketing Your Dental Practice!

Start 2022 Off Right, Marketing Your Dental Practice!

Start 2022 Off Right, Marketing Your Dental Practice!

Published: 01/17/2022
Author: Marit Spisany


I don’t know about you, but I am more than ready to shrug off 2021. What a weird year. Everyone was trying to rebound from the lingering damage that COVID-19 caused not only to personal health, but business health. It seems that with the new strains of the virus, we may never completely be in the clear, but we can plan to make 2022 the most successful year yet, by being as persistent as the virus, as tenacious as the vaccine and as determined as you can muster!


First things first. Before you plan for the coming year, don’t forget to review this past year. What worked? What didn’t? What can you expand on and what can you throw away? What goals did you establish for you and your team and how close or far away were you from those goals? Roll up your sleeves and really dig into your analytics, the metrics don’t lie and the more data you have to review, the more lessons you can learn. Make sure you consider all the dental marketing campaigns you ran. Digital, traditional, SEO, all marketing avenues should be revisited and new goals should be established for the upcoming year. Let the data lead the way and you can’t go wrong.


After reviewing all of this past year’s work and you have absorbed the data, you should now have a fairly clear idea as to what direction to take in 2022. Now is the time to set your goals. What do you want to achieve? What outcome is the most important for your business?  How can you close more full arch cases? How can your team equip themselves to achieve higher treatment plan acceptance? Focus on realistic goals and priorities, then sit down and write out what you want to happen in this new year.


Get on the phone with your Account Manager and discuss the number of arches you would like to see next year. Then allow us to do the work and get those cases in the door. Feel like your staff could use some help closing these cases? We got you. Attend one of our many Closing Institute Boot Camps and learn how to handle patient objections and strategize new ways to offer financing options to provide more life changing results for your patients.


The final step is to congratulate yourself on what you have accomplished over this past year. Whether grandiose or minuscule, a win is a win, so celebrate it! Make sure to thank those around you who have helped you get to where you are. Show gratitude and optimism. Get in the right mindset to make 2022 your most successful year to date.

If you feel like you could use some assistance with your marketing, please give Progressive Dental a call at (727) 286-6211. Dental marketing is what we do all day, every day. We offer a wide range of services and have an experienced team that is ready, willing, and able to help you get where you want to go.

Are You Looking For Your Next Marketing Partner?

Interested in learning more about closing high-dollar cases? Attend The Closing Institute and learn how to predictably scale implant production by implementing advanced marketing and sales strategies from the leading experts in the industry! With courses in Clearwater, FL and Las Vegas, NV, this isn’t just theory. This is a tried and true method to grow your full arch production and develop your team to strategically and consistently close high-revenue, dental implant procedures.

Dental specialists interested in learning more about Progressive Dental Marketing's award-winning services and continuing education seminars are invited to contact the dental marketing company in Clearwater, FL. Progressive Dental Marketing can be reached by calling (727) 286-6211 or by visiting Or feel free to explore our website and the several case studies we have!

If you are interested in hearing more from Bart Knellinger, come to one of our upcoming dental continuing education courses. Visit today to reserve a spot for you and your team!

Progressive Dental is more than just a marketing company, we are a company located in Clearwater, FL dedicated to dental practice growthOur team was founded on creativity, collaboration and hard work. We are constantly evolving and are passionate about providing the best suite of dental marketing services for our clients. They are the reason we jump out of bed!

Happy New Year and have an amazing 2022!

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