Project Management – The Pillar to Progressive Dental Marketing’s Sustained Growth!

Project Management – The Pillar to Progressive Dental Marketing’s Sustained Growth!

Project Management – The Pillar to Progressive Dental Marketing’s Sustained Growth

Author: Sean Thomas

Published: 8/27/2021

What is Project Management?

Project Management is the standardized practice of a process proven based on past projects’ success or lessons learned within another project. Project Management has quickly evolved over the past 70 years into a systematic approach that focuses project team(s), conflict resolution, time management, leadership team building, and advanced project management which stresses techniques, technology, and advanced means to plan and control projects (Kerzner, 2014).

How Organizational Culture contributes to the effectiveness of Project Management Within Progressive Dental Marketing

Project management requires foundations to be established and ingrained within the Progressive Dental culture. Companies constantly need to evaluate and reexamine their project and process management cultures.

Project teams have a great deal of unspoken norms, observable artifacts, and assumed behaviors that go into what defines the structure, dynamic, and outline of the project team. Project Managers should recognize the project team breathes out whatever the organizational culture blows in, meaning teams, employees, and managers begin to mirror their espoused values, daily routines, rituals, and unspoken myths or fables of the company. Similarly, within dental practices, when adopting a new treatment planning process, there are mistakes and hiccups along the way. With repetition, however, a once broken system can run like a well-oiled machine.

Agreeableness and emotional intelligence go hand and hand with project teams, cooperation, and successful team cohesion. It often comes down to conflicting personalities or behaviors on the team, this can create havoc for the team and organizational environment if not well managed, fostered, and promoted on all levels by the organizational culture of the company and team. Organizational culture helps foster this positive morale, responsibility, awareness and adaptability by employees and managers alike. Ensuring the entire team is dedicated to the overall goals of the company – as in Progressive Dental – or any dental practice, can eliminate roadblocks to achieving said goals.

Most people fall victim to the idea of technology or tools being methods solely responsible for a Project Management’s success within a company, but technology is only as good as the people using it, the project success is dependent on a multitude of variables including the project scope(s), document(s), schedule(s), budget(s), risk(s), and team(s) involved within the initial project curation, implementation, and execution. Progressive Dental continues to see success because of these structured systems paired with the likeminded people dedicated to helping dental practices grow.

Why Project Management discipline(s) take time, but builds sustained momentum for a company

Project management represents a discipline that sometimes does not create extremely tangible results within short periods of time, instead, Project Management is a business and management discipline that focuses incremental improvements that gradually increase and compile overtime and long-term.

Quality project Management, a hallmark of Progressive Dental’s success, long-term can become a competitive advantage for practices, providing strategic leverage against rivals and competitors, providing better control of variation, waste, defects, integration, employee development best practice training, and cultural influence across the organization.

Never Stop Improving!

All too often, companies’ fall into the bias of previous success means current success, and that they don’t have to improve upon best practices or that the training will sell itself.  Companies constantly need to evaluate and reexamine their project and process management strategies to continually gain benefit from their project management efforts. Due to this consistent innovation and growth, Progressive Dental remains the largest Dental Marketing Agency in the industry.

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