The Sales Process: The Misconception of NO

The Sales Process: The Misconception of NO

The Sales Process: The Misconception of NO

Published: 08/26/2022
Author: Kelly Michelle
Senior Dental Sales Trainer

No matter what industry you are associated with, the philosophy of sales is the same. Discover your customers wants and needs while identifying the solutions that your company provides. This will solve your customers problems and ultimately lead them to YES, right? Wrong! Mark Cuban, the famous shark from the hit TV show Shark Tank, says, “NO leads to GO!”

According to former FBI Hostage Negotiator, author & entrepreneur, Chris Voss -

“NO is not failure. Used strategically it’s an answer that opens the path forward. Getting to the point where you are NO longer horrified by the word NO is a liberating moment that every negotiator needs to reach. If your biggest fear is NO, you can’t negotiate. You are the hostage of YES, you’re done.”

Think about that… how often have you heard the word NO and it stopped you in your tracks? You gave up on the close, the sales process was over.

Using the information Chris provides in his book, Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depends On It, Chris goes further to explain the additional benefits of the word NO:

  • NO allows the real issues to be brought forth.
  • NO protects people from making – and lets them correct – ineffective decisions.
  • NO slows things down so that people can freely embrace their decisions and the agreements they enter into.
  • NO helps people feel safe, secure, emotionally comfortable, and in CONTROL of their decisions.
  • NO moves everyone’s efforts forward.

In his book, Chris describes the methods that lead to NO answers. For example, asking your customer questions about what they don’t want can actually lead them to discuss what they do want.

The Closing Institute Mentorship Program coaches dental practices on closing more full arch cases. How do we do that? One way is by helping practices identify via the 10/10/10 sales process, allowing you to gain the correct information needed at the beginning of the sales consultation, to clearly define the patient's desired clinical outcome. This process provides you with a clear picture of their needs and wants, guiding you toward offering the perfect solution and a successful close.

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