Successful Dental Implant Strategies For Dental Practice Growth

Successful Dental Implant Strategies For Dental Practice Growth

Successful Dental Implant Strategies For Dental Practice Growth

Published: 10/07/2022
Author: Zachary Scheffler
SEO Strategist

Dental implants are a popular choice for patients looking to replace missing teeth. They offer several advantages over other treatment options, such as permanent replacement teeth that look and feel natural, and no need for special care, like braces. If you're not currently offering dental implants in your practice, it's time to start thinking about how you can integrate them into your overall marketing strategy. At Progressive Dental Marketing, we know the value of marketing dental implants and the impact they are making in the world of dentistry.

How To Implement Content Marketing

Content should show the customer exactly what your practice is about, and your website is often the first exposure your customers have with your brand. Content needs to be a 24-7 salesperson for all it's worth and reflect well on what kind of practice we're dealing with here! So needless say - an outdated or static site just can’t stand out in today’s digital age. Having a website with proper images and videos puts you far ahead of the competition, attracting more and better leads.

a model of a full arch implant being milled.

Another tip is using blogs to continually update your website. Your content marketing can help build an emotional bridge. If a potential customer is in dire need of answers and you happen to provide the information they are seeking on your blog or YouTube channel, then not only will this make them feel better, but it will also increase trust into what else might be offered by way of partnerships with companies like yours!

At Progressive Dental Marketing, we pride ourselves on both our award-winning videography, as well as our award-winning websites. We use both to make sure the content we provide for your leads converts them into closed cases!

Using Paid Ads to Attract Dental Implant Leads

Dental implants are one of the most reliable and effective ways to achieve full functionality to your mouth. Not only do they provide long term support, but when compared with other prosthetic options such as dentures or false teeth, they also have less risk for infection because there isn’t any skin contact involved during treatment time. This means that with dental implants, you can enjoy eating again! Advertising through Pay-Per-Click Ads campaigns works wonders, thanks largely to its ability to get practices right into the digital frontiers that people travel through daily.

Google Ads is a powerful ad platform that allows you to run search and shopping campaigns on google, as well as display advertisements through their network of sites. It's widely considered one of the most popular PPC platforms out there, with plenty of opportunities for success from this channel alone! Using PPC marketing, you can target your exact customer based on data. You might find that they are searching for a certain product or service, but not quite finding what it is yet - in which case the ad could be tailored specifically towards them using quality content and keywords!

Social Media & Dental Implant Marketing

Put simply, your content marketing strategy should be tailored to the needs of those who will view it. Content development is crucial in order for you to target an audience and create a plan that yields results. Without engaging material being released on-time each month via social networks, such as Facebook, there can never really be any kind of interest shown by followers.

a dental patient looking for care online using social media.

The best thing you can do to grow your following on social media, is create targeted and relevant content for the audience that already follows. Don't just post something out there without any thought or care about what people want! Take time in understanding who they are and how YOU could offer them something new and exciting - then give it a try with some engaging topics! Doing this will help you to not only increase engagement but also drive traffic back into our website--which means higher conversion rates than ever before!

Are You Looking For A Partner To Take Your Sales Team To The Next Level?

Interested in learning more about closing high-dollar cases? Here at Progressive Dental Marketing, we have a whole content team dedicated to delivering quality content for our ongoing dental SEO marketing clients. We are the experts when it comes to dental blog content!

Contact The Content Experts At Progressive Dental

To see success with dental implants, you need to have a well-rounded marketing strategy that incorporates content marketing, paid ads, and social media. The Progressive Dental team can help you create a strategy, and The Closing Institute mentors will teach you to execute this type of plan so that your dental implant business thrives!

Attend The Closing Institute to learn how to predictably scale implant production, by implementing advanced marketing and sales strategies from the leading experts in the industry! With courses in Clearwater, FL and Las Vegas, NV, this isn’t just theory. This is a tried and true method to grow your full arch production and develop your team to strategically and consistently close high-revenue, dental implant procedures.

Dental specialists interested in learning more about Progressive Dental Marketing's award-winning services and continuing education seminars are invited to contact the Closing Institute team! Progressive Dental Marketing can be reached by calling (727) 286-6211 or by visiting Feel free to explore our website and the several case studies we have!

If you are interested in hearing more from Bart Knellinger, come to one of our upcoming dental continuing education courses. Visit today to reserve a spot for you and your team!

Progressive Dental is more than just a marketing company, we are a company dedicated to dental practice growth in Clearwater, FL. Our team was founded on creativity, collaboration and hard work. We are constantly evolving and are passionate about providing the best suite of dental marketing services for our clients. They are the reason we love what we do!

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