3 Ways to Increase Engagement on Your Website!

3 Ways to Increase Engagement on Your Website!
Our web department has created multiple award winning websites, such as the website shown in this blog, https://www.smilesthatrock.com!

3 Ways to Increase Engagement on Your Website!

Author: TJ Rogers

Published: 10/29/2021

Getting potential patients to your dental practice website is difficult enough. Persuading those that do get to your site, to make you their go-to dental provider is even more difficult. Our web team at Progressive Dental has mastered presenting our client’s benefits and brand to create the trust between a potential patient and the dental practice. Here are 3 ways not only to gain your audience’s trust using your dental website, but to encourage them to actively engage and reach out to your practice!

1) Give Great Value to Your Potential Patients

First, you’ll need to establish yourself as an authority and an expert. Doing so will build their trust and give them confidence in your ability to give them the best dental health, and the smile they’re looking for. Some ways to do this is by:
• Featuring detailed glimpses into your procedures
Describing services that you provide that they may need
• Showcasing before & after photos of your previous patients so they can envision their future smile
Including educational videos to help your audience make informed decisions concerning their dental health
Blogs that also bring value by helping them on their journey to better dental health

2) Creating Content that Resonates with Your Audience

Hitting an emotional chord will encourage potential patients to stay longer on your site, find out more how you can help them achieve their dental goals, and convince them to choose your practice as their dental provider. Establishing social proof is a great way to educate potential patients on what they can expect should they choose to have a procedure done at your practice. Using social proof as a tool to visualize what they could like after working with you to improve their teeth & smile is another way well up their emotions and cause them to act & engage. Some examples of social proof (used within the context of your site) are:
1. Testimonials
2. Case Studies
3. Patient Video Stories
4. Reviews (Google, Yelp, FB)

3) Create Multiple Opportunities for Your Audience to Contact You

In order to increase the chances that somebody coming across your site will contact you, there must be ample opportunity on your website for your audience to engage and start the process of getting work done through your dental practice. Creating CTAs, or Calls-to-Action are the best way to help nudge them in that direction.

Using active vs. passive statements encourage them to do so. Using verbiage like “Book Now”, “Schedule Appointment” and “Get Started” gives your audience actionable steps to take to begin the process to their new smile. Peppering these CTA sections throughout the website can be helpful reminders to prospective patients to engage with your dental practice as they browse your site.

Setting CTA buttons and CTA sections in the header and footer, as well as various pages (service pages, gallery & testimonial pages, etc.) increase the impact and the likelihood that they will contact your practice.

Utilizing these techniques are just a few ways to increase engagement on your dental website. Giving your audience amazing and valuable content, crafting copy that emotionally captures them, and providing ways to contact you will all play into improving audience engagement and conversion rate.

By positioning yourself as an expert, gaining their trust, and showing that you can help them design a healthy, great-looking smile that gives them confidence & joy (therein living a healthier life); seeking your services will be a no-brainer to them.

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