8 Steps to Creating a High-Performing Practice

8 Steps to Creating a High-Performing Practice

The current state of dentistry is ever evolving. New trends in technology are taking flight, whether that be in revolutionary laser periodontics or computer-guided implant surgery. Practices have a choice: to jump on board or fall behind.

Yes, competition is increasing and it often comes in the form of corporate dentistry. Instead of turning to less profitable solutions, start revolutionizing your practice to create a high performing, independent one that flourishes as a result of these advancements. Now more than ever, sitting back is not sustainable. Practices must recognize how dentistry is transforming and offer their patients the quality and experience they are looking for.

Here are 8 crucial steps that savvy practice owners can utilize to start creating the high performing dental practice they need in order to grow and thrive in the new dental marketplace:

1. Practice Goals

Without first identifying your practice’s primary vision, a plan to improve or grow your practice isn’t feasible. By creating measurable goals for your team and your practice, you will be better equipped to reach your primary outcome. Sharing these goals with staff members is imperative to a cohesive environment.

2. Clarity of Current State

Honesty is the best policy when it comes to recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of your practice. Do you know your practice’s conversion numbers, hygiene numbers, or staff performance and attitude? Identifying areas of improvement should be viewed as an opportunity to better yourself, your team, and your patients.

3. Metrics

Do you have a strategy for the coming changes in the field of dentistry? With your strategy, how are you measuring your results? Metrics are key to determining how well your marketing efforts or internal processes are performing. But that’s not all. Knowing how to read your metrics in order to create or tweak your current strategies is even bigger.

4. Internal Marketing

Internal marketing is crucial to drawing in new patients. Make sure to offer the solution patients are searching for while providing a third-party endorsement. Are you delivering a message potential patients really want to hear? Patients are looking for the outcome they need and shopping for doctors while they do it.

5. Team Development

Are your team members performing at the level required to be a high-performing practice? After reaching proper metrics, you can unveil the strengths and weaknesses of each of your employees. Placing each person in the right position will create the most beneficial effect on patients and your practice. Utilizing their advantages will help you and the patient in the long run, and using metrics to further watch their progress will assist in helping them develop.

6. External Marketing

Staying stagnant in your techniques will only prove more difficult in the future. Instead, formulate a detailed plan that creates a predictable outcome. Do you know where you thrive the most or your unique selling proposition? After determining these, you’ll need to find a strategy that helps you increase those cases specifically. You’ll find it is much easier to grow a practice than it is to maintain one.

7. Tracking and Reporting

Are you recording your efforts? In order to start gathering your metrics to really understand your practice, your goals, and the steps you’re taking to get to them, a system of tracking must be designed and implemented first. This will allow you to monitor not only how your processes are performing, but how your employees are operating as well.

8. Patient Education System

Many clinicians believe new patient specials are the best way to draw in new patients. While it may help in the short term, following a process that creates value during their first visit and showing how your practice can meet their needs, can help form a lasting relationship of trust. Review a customized long-term treatment plan during their visit and make an impression by providing a comfortable experience they will want to share with others.

While daunting, these 8 tips are achievable and not the only way to ensure a path to success. Continuing the analytics and watching your competition to understand how best to diversify your efforts is next. The dental industry is changing, remember that you must change with it.

So, is there a shortcut?

Honestly, there isn’t if you want your practice to prosper. However, there is Catalyst, Progressive Dental's two-day continuing education course that helps practices like yours tackle many of these steps while using real-life data. Attendees earn 16 CE credits while learning how to provide an unparalleled patient experience and build an effective practice culture. Participants also learn how to stay at the forefront of modern practice growth and marketing techniques in the dental industry.

Give us a call at 727-286-6211 to reserve your seats at the next Catalyst event and transform your practice into a high performing one.

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