Run Your Own Social Media Or Pay Someone?

Run Your Own Social Media Or Pay Someone?

Run Your Own Social Media Or Pay Someone?

Published: 10/24/2022
Author: Christopher Sandel
Director Of Social Media

If you have ever joined, experienced, or worked with social media, you know it is ever-changing. The only consistency with social media is that it is constantly changing. When working with social media within any organization or business there are pros and cons to running it yourself. One of the biggest pros is that you know your own brand, audience, and how you want to convey yourself to the public. So, the question is… is it the smartest tactic to run your own social media or does it make more sense to hire an agency? Let’s dive in and discuss when and why an agency is the best choice!

The first thing to think about is what we have already touched on, the constant changes that happen with social media. The algorithm is being updated as often as possible to make sure that both organic and paid traffic is being perfected and constantly used by its users. This requires all businesses to make sure that they are on top of all the updates and changes to make sure that what they are putting out is relevant, effective, and beneficial. This can be done on your own by following certain pages on social media, signing up for newsletters, and/or attending webinars. However, if you’re like most dentists, we know that you are busy running a business and helping patients. Most agencies stay on top of these changes and trends in part because they are supplied agency marketing experts from social media sites so that they get one on one training and updates to their systems. Also, most agencies must take trainings and stay up to date on their trade to provide their clients with the best possible results. The benefit here will lie on if you as a business owner and operator have the time to stay on top of the trends, run both organic and paid social strategizes, and run your business.

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This leads to another aspect to think about, advertising on social media. Advertising on social media can be quickly learned but take longer to master. There are changes that can be made in just about every aspect of the ad campaign that can change the outcome and results.  One of the benefits of using an agency is that most agencies again are partnered with an agency marketing expert that helps provide the agency with ways to help advance their advertising and thus yield better results. Also, agencies have plenty of historical data about a wide range of locations and audiences. This allows the agency to know what changes and/or edits to make based on earlier knowledge and with a somewhat predictable outcome.  When working with an agency you’re not just buying the advertising they show, you’re acquiring all the knowledge and historical information they possess to make sure your campaign yields the best results possible.

One area where that has the biggest pro is organic postings. These postings are pivotal to your page’s health and overall “rating” within the Facebook algorithm. Nobody can do these posts better than the actual business because nobody knows or is at the business more than the people within. This is the one area that running it from the business will always beat an agency. The type of raw content that can be created within the office can never match what an agency can buy at one time.

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To bring this to a close, there are many positives to doing your own social media as an owner/operator, but the cons do counter them quite heavily. If you don’t have a person to dedicate when it comes to marketing on social media, then an agency is going to be one of your best moves.  Here at progressive dental, we are our clients advocates and make sure that every practice receives the same amount of attention and care, no matter their budget! Our deep understanding of not only marketing but also the dental field helps us supply an unmatched advantage in the dental marketing field. Our marketing is intent based marketing to provide our clients with quality leads. We make sure to pre-educate your potential patients on your practice and services.

Not only does progressive dental marketing get you the leads but we also coach your team to be able to close them through our continuing education curriculum, The Closing Institute. We aren’t like most agencies who just measure results with numbers of impressions, likes, or even leads. We measure our results where it matters. Your bottom line. Our team are all dental practice growth experts who will help you increase profits and exceed your goals. If you are interested in learning what we can do for your practice give us a call at (727) 286 -6211!

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