Can You Promote Fun at Work While Also Promoting Core Values and Still Achieve a Successful Mission, Vision and Purpose?

Can You Promote Fun at Work While Also Promoting Core Values and Still Achieve a Successful Mission, Vision and Purpose?

Can You Promote Fun at Work While Also Promoting Core Values and Still Achieve a Successful Mission, Vision and Purpose?

Just take a look at our social media and you will see fun and inspiring videos of all sorts, from client testimonials to videos of staff members having fun at work.

Hold up … rewind … fun at work? Can that even exist? At Progressive Dental, not only does it exist, it’s encouraged! Fun is so much a foundational part of our culture, it’s at the heart of one of our core values: Work hard. Play Hard. Be Weird.

Progressive Dental’s mission is to enable our clients to achieve their professional and personal dental goals by attracting and serving patients in need of the highest quality cutting-edge dental procedures. How do we do this? Through our core values. Together, we have created an environment where employees want to work. The real magic happens for our clients and our company through our employees. At Progressive Dental, our employees are excited to show up, fulfill passions, thrive in their work, and are committed to the company, the clients we serve, and the patients’ lives we impact.

the progressive dental team during kickball, and doing social media promotion.

We have an inspiring executive team, an awesome creative team, the best account managers, and an outstanding administrative group. We work with passion and determination to build a positive team and family spirit. Working together, we build open and honest relationships through communication and collaboration. We have created a sense of camaraderie that is embedded in our culture, which allows us all to be our clients’ advocates.

Progressive Dental’s executive team leads with passion. They train up leaders by looking past an employee’s job description and motivating them to explore opportunities, even if it means we fail our way to success. They encourage employees to engage in the company’s mission, while also inspiring them to follow their own unique passions. We are comfortable being uncomfortable. They know that employees are passionate about what they do, and they help them tap into that passion and open up their potential.

Look at our office's walls.  It tells us to GET SHIT DONE, to take the steps to be a great problem solver, and to seek the next adventure and opportunities to grow. Do more with less. Don’t wait. Just do it.

progressive dental marketing team mebers on a staircase smiling.

Our employees are Progressive Dental, and we will continue to lead in the field of industry-specific dental consulting, practice development, marketing, client staffing and training. We exist to connect patients with clinicians who are committed to providing the highest standard of care.

That is how Progressive Dental promotes fun at work while promoting our core values and achieving a successful mission, vision, and purpose.

Come be part of a team that is the BEST of the BEST, and a company that held a spot on the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing privately held companies in America for six consecutive years. And remember: It’s not cocky if it’s true.

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