3 Indicators That It’s Time For Dental SEO

3 Indicators That It’s Time For Dental SEO

3 Indicators That It's Time For Dental SEO

Published: 10/21/2022
Author: Zachary Scheffler
SEO Strategist

The key to success in modern dentistry is name recognition. To ensure patients find your practice, you need to optimize your web presence with search engine optimization (SEO). Having a SEO-friendly web design, content that can rank on search engines - like Google or Bing- and designing every page of your site with relevant keyword tags is important so potential clients see only your high-ranking site instead of expanding their research footprint to your competitors. These are some of the most important factors in digital marketing today.

Dental SEO is a process that is frequently overlooked. The dental industry is constantly evolving with new techniques, products, and methods. It's crucial for dentists to stay up-to-date on the latest changes in order to provide the best care for their patients. But how do you know when it's time to start investing in SEO?

Here are three indicators that it's time for dental SEO:

1) Your website isn't generating enough traffic.

2) Your website isn't ranking high enough in search results.

3) You're not getting as many leads from your website as you'd like.

seo analytics showing web traffic on a tablet.

These days, it's not just word-of mouth referrals which can make or break a business. Everyone has access to the internet via smart phones, so making sure customers find you first by ranking higher is becoming more and more important!

Web Traffic

Your website is designed to reflect your practice; what you offer, what sets your apart from other dentists in your area, and why they need to choose you as their dental specialist. We've seen many practices that are unable to see the potential of a website upgrade and capitalize on it. They ultimately let more patients slip away, but this is an area where you as the business owner could really make things happen for your practice. It is a real problem if you are not leveraging every tool at your disposal, overlooking the SEO value of fresh, new, interactive content.

Search Engine Results Page (SERPs)

To find out where your website and service pages rank for specific keywords, simply type in a search term such as "dentist near me" on Google. The first few results will be from sites that have included all relevant terms within their domain name or URL, therefore providing more accurate data regarding site position versus generic alternatives like 'site’. The results will also be from pages that have been determined to have SEO value regarding the specific content you are searching for.

You can also check this by scrolling down through various pieces of content until reaching an individual page containing information about the company offering it. If any of your pages fail to make top spots, then there are plenty of opportunities to start working on dental SEO!

Lack Of Leads

The advances in technology in recent years can highlight your practice in a way not previously possible. Your online presence is now more important than ever. Outranking your competitors will allow you to get quality leads from those who are doing their homework. Essentially, leads will find your site based on the value of its content. If you're not seeing the leads that your website is promising, there are some things to check.

lead generation front desk speaking with a client.

Make sure it's optimized and up to date with search engines like Google or Bing - update meta tags if needed so people can find what they're looking for easier online! You should also think about optimizing images on different posts and throughout pages; sometimes changing their file sizes will help them load faster without compromising their quality.

There are many other things you can do to optimize your online presence and SEO is changing and evolving all the time! If you need a partner to help you with your SEO value, look no further than Progressive Dental Marketing!

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