National Roof Over Your Head Day

National Roof Over Your Head Day

Each year on December 3rd “National Roof Over Year Head Day” is celebrated as a day to be thankful for what we have, starting with the roof over our head. All across our nation there are many that do not have the things that, to us, are a normal part of our everyday life, such as the roof over our heads, the food we eat, clean water, the clothes we wear, everyday supplies, etc.  There are people who do not even have the roof of a shelter, they are living in the streets, in cardboard boxes or in alleys.

This year, Progressive Dental has a lot to be thankful for and we would like to share our gratitude within the local community. We’ve got a strong team, a great culture, a unique approach to our business, and we’re only just growing! As we wrap up the year, we have finally completed our rebranding process. With rebranding means extra inventory we don’t necessarily need. With all the leftover supplies branded with our old logo, Progressive Dental has so graciously decided to donate them to Gorrie Elementary School located in Tampa, FL.

Take some time today away from the office and go pick a name or two off of a Christmas Giving Tree, volunteer at a homeless shelter near you, or donate leftover supplies to a family or school in need, and spend a few minutes appreciating your roof. Especially around this time of the year, this day follows closely after Thanksgiving; a day to be thankful.  So just like Thanksgiving, Progressive Dental and our team here is thankful for what we have and is appreciative of the little things we enjoy and can share with others. Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

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