5 Simple Ways to Gain (and Retain) Families at Your Practice

5 Simple Ways to Gain (and Retain) Families at Your Practice

Acquiring a new patient is always a reason for celebration but gaining a whole new family of patients is even better! If you want to increase the number of families in your practice, there are certain ways you can engage your potential patients and encourage moms and dads to schedule appointments for everyone in the family. Here are five simple ways you can get new families in the door and keep them as long-term patients:

  1. Target Right. Moms remain the primary appointment schedulers in a household today, so targeting this demographic is a great way to boost the number of families in your practice. Be sure to demonstrate the convenience you can provide by scheduling blocks of time so the whole family can be seen in one day. If your practice specifically caters to families and children, highlight all the kid-friendly accommodations you have. 
  1. Stay Social. Most parents now are tech-savvy and actively use social media, including Facebook and Instagram. Keeping your practice’s social media accounts active and relevant is a proven method for gaining exposure with the right audience. Similarly, boosted posts and paid ads can be targeted to specific demographics to ensure your practice is reaching the patients you’re looking for. 
  1. Grab Reviews. Word-of-mouth is still one of the best ways to gain new patients. More frequently, this process occurs online through reviews of your practice. Encourage families already part of your practice to write reviews to let other parents know you’re the ideal place for families of all ages and sizes to have great experiences. An easy and effective way to gain more reviews is to offer incentives like gift cards. This also works for in-person referrals, too! 
  1. Go Digital. Friendly appointment reminders via text and online paperwork are a great way to give busy parents a simple and streamlined way to stay organized with family visits. Since most parents today have a smartphone or other devices, making as much of the new patient process digital as possible can entice many moms and dads, especially if there are a lot of family members and parents are busy at work and at home. 
  1. Be Engaging. Your website and marketing can say a lot about your practice. Make sure your website is up-to-date and engaging, uses geo-targeted keywords, is easily navigable, and includes educational resources for parents. Most importantly, your dental website should be mobile optimized and responsive so that smartphone-using parents can easily find and contact you online.

Attracting new families to your practice is as simple as finding and targeting the right audience. If you’re unsure how to effectively market your practice, we are here to help! Our dental marketing and consulting team has helped hundreds of practices find and retain their ideal patients through targeted and personalized solutions. Learn how we can find yours by contacting our practice growth specialists today at 727-286-6211.

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